Shed Plans

shed plans

Do you want to build your own shed and are looking for the perfect shed plans?

There are many things to consider when you pick out your plans. What size of shed do you need? What style do you want? We will talk about that and more in this article.

But first let me ask you a few questions.

What Is Most Important To You Shed Size or Style of Shed?

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What Shed Size Are You Looking For?

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What Type of Shed Are You Looking For?

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What Size of Shed Do You Need?

Looking at your backyard or where you want to place your shed how much space do you have. That is the first thing you need to messure, the space of where you want your shed.

Also, what will you put in your shed? Will it be garden tools, will it be bikes, will it be the mower what ever you intend to put in there you want to make sure it fits.

Here are some of the most common shed sizes:

Shed plans 8 x 8

Shed plans 8 x 12

Shed plans 10 x 10

Shed plans 10 x 12

Shed plans 10 x 16

Shed plans 12 x 12

Shed plans 12 x16

Shed plans 16 x 16

Shed plans 16 x 20


If you know the size you need click the link above it will take you to a shed plan list for that specific shed size.


What Style of Shed Do You Want?

Another thing you want to consider is the style of shed you want. You want it to blend in well with the surrounding and your house if it is on your lot. If you have a specific style going for your house you might want to stick with that for your shed as well.


You want it to be your style of shed, this building will stick with you and the house for a while.


Here are some of the most common styles:storage shed plans

  • Garden sheds
  • Storage sheds
  • Gambrel sheds
  • Barn sheds
  • Modern sheds
  • Gable sheds

You might also be looking for:

  • Large sheds
  • Pallet sheds
  • Wood sheds



Your Budget

Another thing to think about is your budget, getting a plan with a material list is important so that you can figure out what things will cost. Weather you go luxury or budget it will still be a lot cheaper than to buy a done product. Plus building the shed yourself you will get that special touch to it.

What will you be using your shed for, we did mention this before and here are some suggestions


  • Tool sheds
  • Bike sheds
  • Boat sheds
  • Motorcycle sheds

You might also have some other specific requirements, you might not be looking for a traditional shed but maybe some of these shed like buildings:


  • Firewood sheds
  • Saltbox sheds
  • Two story sheds
  • Flat roof sheds


Where Do You Find the Best Shed Plans?

You have a few options when it comes to deciding in what format you want your shed plans. On this page we have decided to go with plans that are either downloadable which means that you get instant access to your plans or plans that you can order online in form of a book or blueprint. These plans you order online and get them send to your door.

We chose these two ways to make it as  easy as possible for you.

  • Download Online – get instant access to your plans.
  • Order Online – get them send to your door.


We also review these plans/products for you to get a good understanding of what it is you get and what other people before you have thought. Now we will not just scratch the surface we will dig in and see what it really is about that`s why you will see some of the products not getting very favorable reviews…

Is it best to go with a product that offers multiple products or should you just get the one shed plan that you intend to build? We will discuss that too in a later post.

So did you build a shed already feel free to share your experience… Also what shed plans do you prefer?