The History Behind 10 x 12 Saltbox Shed Plans

10x12 shed plansThe 10 x 12 saltbox shed plans style is one of the more unique designs available to hopeful shed owners. In addition to a style that is sure to turn heads, the saltbox has attractive functional aspects as well.

It as prized for storage as it is as a home office or guest house bungalow. Read on to learn more about this historic style.

Colonial New England Meets Modern Backyards

Saltbox architecture originated in the colonial era in the New England states. Homes of this style have two stories in the front and one story in the back; the roof slopes steeply downward from the front to the back to create the saltbox shape. For many, this description brings to mind the lean-to design.

In fact, in colonial times, the kitchen was built as a lean-to at the back of the house. As families grew in size, moving the kitchen from what amounted to a glorified hallway to a lean-to structure was a cost-effective way add on to a home. Some say the saltbox was a way to avoid taxes on homes taller than one-story, though this is likely an old-wives tale. By the late 1800s, this portion of the building was generally included as part of the original home construction.

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The pitched roof is long and low on one side (typically the back) and short and high on the other (most often the front). It is not uncommon to find shed roof pitches of 12/12 for the front and a lower slope of 5/12 for the back. This steep slope gives the one-story shed the look of a salt-box without adding a story or sacrificing interior storage space.

Functional 10 x 12 Saltbox Shed Plans

This type of shed design is great for anyone who needs extra storage or who wants to create a private getaway space. For the urban homesteader, they even make great chicken coops!

A double door is located on the front of the building, often off to one side to allow for a window on the other half of the wall. Typical color palettes range from traditional browns and blues to classic reds and whites. Modifications are always an option to fit individual usage and style needs.

To build a shed of this size, it will first be necessary to set a foundation. In colonial times, post-and-beam techniques where wood joints held a structure together were preferred over metal nails. Today, pressure-treated timbers and boards and galvanized nails are fine to use during shed construction.

A traditional, polished look is readily achieved when wood siding is used to complete the exterior.  As a cost-savings measure, painted plywood is certainly a reasonable option as well. Add panache with landscaping or flowering window boxes.

10 x 12 Saltbox Shed Plans Click Here

Characterized as a simple, strong design, the salt box is one of the more popular shed styles today. Homeowners appreciate the simple aesthetic as much as the functional storage and work spaces these buildings provide. For an affordable, do-it-yourself project designed to last, 10 x 12 saltbox shed plans are a great choice.