10×10 Shed Plans Blueprints

10x10 shedIf you are considering 10×10 shed plans blueprints, but have concerns over the cost to build a shed, then this article is for you.

The fact of the matter is it is not necessary to have a large budget in order to build a shed.

Bring the old adage “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” to life by building with salvaged materials.

Look for Salvaged Doors & Windows

One of the easiest ways to save on building costs is to purchase used or salvaged items. The natural place to start the search is at thrift store or garage sales. Shutters, shelves and decorative items can be sourced from these places with relative ease.

For larger ticket items like doors and windows, do a little research to find out if any old buildings in your neighborhood are slated for demolition. If they are, see if you can’t work out a deal to purchase some of the old materials like the doors. Most contractors are receptive to these offers.

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Personalize with Landscaping & Garden Paths

After the shed is built, landscaping can lend a cohesive look. Flowering bushes like azaleas and hydrangeas go a long way towards adding visual appeal through color.

They can also hide any imperfections or tie together any inconsistencies from using salvaged building materials. For added camouflage, train ivy to grow up the sides of the shed or plant a climbing rose to arch over the entry way.

Bricked or paved pathways leading to a shed can also lend a nice touch and serve to move the eye toward a landscaped garden. The best thing about a whimsical garden path is that the materials used to pave it do not have to match.

Take some time to salvage all of the materials necessary, and then match the patterns after you see what you have available. For added pizazz, create a mosaic with broken bits or tile, marbles or other keepsakes. This is a great way to fill in awkward spaces along the path as well.

Small Spaces, Big Appeal

Do not let small lot sizes scare you off from building a shed. These structures can be built on just hundreds of square feet. In fact, a shed on small properties can actually be used as a focal point to anchor a yard or to create a focal point for an outdoor room.

Adding lots of windows and glass-paned doors to allow for natural light and help create the illusion of space in small sheds. To further the illusion, decorate the inside with tall vertical lines like bookcases. Or simply paint the interior with vertical stripes.

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When using salvaged materials, creativity is a key to success. Still, many homeowners who consider themselves bereft of ideas are surprised with just how freely their inventiveness flows when left to work with only what is available.

Constructing a structure from 10x10 shed plans blueprints and salvaged materials may just prove necessity is the mother of invention after all!