10×12 Gambrel Shed Plans

plans for 10x12 storage shedThe choice of 10×12 gambrel shed plans is typically made based on its classic, elegant style and the ability of the design to offer plenty of storage space. What many people do not realize is the iconic gambrel roof has been in use throughout the world for centuries. Read on for more tidbits about the gambrel roof; it’s sure to come in handy at trivia night!

Gambrel Roof History

A gambrel roof is a symmetrical shape with two slightly-pitched top slopes and two steeply-pitched side slopes. This style of roof is commonly found in 19th Century homes in New England and on barns across the Midwestern states.

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There are many interesting theories behind how the term “gambrel” came to be. Some say the name refers to a piece of bent or curved wood. Others claim the term referred to sloped wooden – now metal – bars found in butcher shops. The most commonly accepted theory is the roof was named for its resemblance to the hind leg of a horse, a shape with was historically called the gambrel.

Gambrel Roof Origins

There are nearly as many theories behind the origins of the gambrel roof as there are for its name. The most widely accepted theory for its adoption is voyagers to the Netherlands introduced the design to New England upon their return. This is why the gambrel roof is also interchangeably called the Dutch gambrel roof.

Just like mariners brought the style from the Netherlands to America, it is thought that mariners from across Europe first saw the style when they sailed to Indonesia. An open gable end served the purpose of ventilation to allow smoke from fires used for cooking to escape.

The style also had various practical applications such as opening space to allow for the construction of wider buildings with shorter rafters. Today, a gambrel style also creates a loft in the roof, and that area is coveted as extra storage space.

Go With 10×12 Gambrel Shed

The gambrel style of shed is a classic choice. Do-it-yourself types find the roof is simple to build. This is particularly important to novice builders as constructing the roof is the toughest part of shed construction.

As mentioned earlier, the gambrel aspect of the roof creates quite a bit of additional interior head room. This makes it easy to not only store items in that extra area but to also navigate the space. Nothing is more frustrating than a packed storage area that is difficult to access.

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This architectural style is also very sturdy. The gambrel has a reputation as not being as strong as other roofs, but all one needs to do is look at is prevalence to in areas that experience tough winter weather  – New England, Wisconsin, etc. – to realize it is actually quite tough. Modern construction materials have increased its ability to stand up to heavy snowfalls and strong winds.

Beautiful lines, plenty of room, and strong designs. These are just a few of the advantages to building with 10×12 gambrel shed plans!