Building From 10×12 Storage Shed Plans

saltbox_shed_10x12Deciding on the right set of 10×12 storage shed plans is just the first step along the path of making a dream shed a reality. One of the very next things to do is to decide how to go about construction. You can purchase the building materials yourself, opt for a prefab kit, or mix and match a bit of both.

Pre-Assembled & Pre-Cut Kits

This term refers to the construction of the major shed components. When a pre-assembled shed kit is purchased, the buyer can expect to receive the floor, walls and roof trusses delivered in a ready-to-use state. These items will then need to be fit together into a shed.

A pre-assembled kit can held individuals with limited construction skills or knowledge to manage the tougher steps like roughing in doorways and windows. Because pre-assembled sheds are partially constructed, they are much heavier than typical loads of loose lumber. It is important to list two or three adult helpers to put these parts in place.

Experienced do-it-yourselfers who enjoy the building experience but find themselves short on time would do well to consider the pre-cut shed variety. These kits include all of the various shed pieces and components measured and cut to size, but they are not assembled in any way, shape or form. Pre-cut shed kits take about twice as much time to complete as a pre-assembled shed, but since their cost does not include pre-assembly labor, they are less expensive.


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Characteristics of Good Plans

For individuals who find themselves somewhere in the middle, purchasing only some pre-assembled components is an option. For instance, a number of online retailers offer the convenience of pre-assembled essentials like door and windows as well as extras like flower boxes and window shutters. Regardless of the chosen avenue a good set of shed storage plans will include:

  • Easy-to-read, detailed instructions
  • Essential hardware like nails, screws, hinges, fasteners and door handles

Some packages may even include a video tutorial. If not, there a plenty of quality, free resources on social sharing sites like You Tube.

Other Considerations

Obviously, the exterior of a shed is just one consideration in the planning process. It is equally important to consider the interior when choosing the right set of plans to meet your needs. For instance, a gardener who wants to use a shed as a place to keep garden tools as well as a workspace to repot plants and start seedlings will want to incorporate plenty of natural light through windows and skylights.

10×12 Shed Plans Click Here 

On the other hand, a weekend yard warrior who wants to use the shed to store tools and heavy equipment like a lawnmower will not be as concerned about including windows in the final design. However, choosing plans that incorporate wide entryways – or even a roll-up garage style door – is a must. It might also be wise to build a ramp to move equipment in and out with more ease. Giving a bit of thought to the intended use of the shed will ensure you select the right 10×12 storage shed plans to meet your needs.