12×16 Shed Plans DIY

12x16 shed plansChances are you are a do-it-yourselfer type, so you are interested in 12×16 shed plans DIY. Sheds are attractive to many DIYers because even novice builders can construct a quality building simply by following a good set of plans. Keep in mind, however, that it is not necessary to construct every piece of the shed or complete every step of the building process on your own. Here are a few ideas of where money on a professional is often well spent.


12×16 Shed Plans DIY – Landscapers & Excavators

If the best site on your property is chock full of underbrush or littered with small tree limbs or rocks, it may be easier to hire a landscaper to clear these areas. These services are great for the whole yard as well. The time professionals can save an individual homeowner on such a tedious task is often well worth the minor expense.

Likewise, if the selected building site is slightly uneven, an excavator can level the land in a matter of minutes. Most do-it-yourselfers would spend all day doing such a thing by hand, and even then it might not be completely level. While they are on site, an excavator can also dig the postholes required to set a foundation.

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12×16 Shed Plans DIY – Masons

No need to worry, we are not suggesting you brick your shed. Siding is just fine. We do however believe masons provide an invaluable service when it comes to pouring postholes.

While some people do choose to use pressure treated posts as foundation footers, concrete is the better bet. A mason can not only pour the post holes, but also lay a concrete foundation while they are at it. The small expense required to get a professional concrete foundation that will last forever often outweighs a wood floor susceptible to rot.


Plumbers & Electricians

A growing number of homeowners are interested in making the interior of their sheds just as nice as the insides of their homes. Do-it-yourself types should always hire a licensed electrician and a licensed plumber should they wish to have lights and running water in their sheds.

While you are at it, you might also want to hire a drywaller to hang and mud a few pieces of sheetrock. Once that step is out of the way, you can paint or wallpaper your shed interior as you see fit.

So what can a person who likes DIY projects do when it comes to building a shed? Even novice builders often have the skills necessary to hang siding on walls and nail shingles on a roof. Just as it is recommended to hire professionals to complete some construction tasks, it is also helpful to invest a bit more in good materials from the outset.

To save on painting, hang vinyl siding and PVC trim that will keep its color and stand up against the rod wood is susceptible to. That is just one idea to get you started. As a DIYer, you are likely to come up with many more as you research the best 12×16 shed plans DIY.