8×12 Shed Plans

There are a lot of questions to ask when choosing among the 8×12 shed plans available today. Where will the shed look right? Is 8 x 12 large enough or too large? What is the right design for our needs? Get started answering these questions by considering the basics of shed design.

8×12 Shed Plans

Exterior Looks

Fortunately, there are a range of sizes, styles and other options that allow individuals to plan and build the perfect shed. These small buildings sometimes fall victim to the mindset style is the price to pay for functionality. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Sheds today are both lovely to look at and functional, and there is no place better to start than with the shed design. Some homeowners prefer to match the shed to the main house. While this is a perfectly acceptable option, sheds also offer the opportunity for individuals to get creative.

It is highly unlikely anyone will paint their home lime green. The small size of a shed makes this color choice perfectly acceptable, however. The key is to choose from a color palate inspired by nature.

For instance, greens, browns and yellows blend in with the natural environment regardless of the shade. Bright pinks and oranges do not. To enjoy a shed for years to come, simply stick to a style and color that reflects your taste.

Interior Design to Maximize Storage

Most individuals turn to sheds as a solution for their storage needs. In addition to the exterior look, it is important to consider interior design from the start. For instance, windows are great for natural light, but they also take away from valuable wall space that could be used for shelving and storage.

The same concept applies to doors. It is important to consider their placement in order to ensure convenient access to lawn equipment, sporting goods and the like. No one wants to move bags of potting soil or small garden tools like rakes and shovels out of the way every time they need to use the lawn mower.

Installing double doors makes it easy to access all items in the shed. Adding a ramp helps to more easily move wheeled equipment in and out of storage. In addition, building in partitioned walls can help divide space within the shed to keep kids toys away from heavy equipment or the like.

There is really no limit to how any one individual or family can customize their shed. On the inside, installing shelves, hooks and benches will help keep things organized and in their rightful places. The outside can take on any number of looks depending on the windows, doors and roof line.

Budget some time during the planning process to research shed designs and layouts. This is the only sure-fire way to choose the best shed. While one family may need extra storage, another may look to build a shed as a quiet backyard office space. Versatile 8×12 shed plans can meet any of these unique needs.