8×8 Storage Shed

shed plans 8x8An 8×8 storage shed is the ideal solution for many individuals who find themselves in need of a little extra work space or more room for storage. The recent popularity of sheds has made us consider the question, Are sheds the new status symbols? For many of us – whose notion of shed is a glorified shack tucked away in the corner of a back yard – the idea seems laughable. Yet more and more homeowners are building sheds that make a statement.


8×8 Storage Shed – Creature Comforts


Adding power and plumbing to a shed transforms these once-simple structures into sophisticated work spaces. When going this route, it is imperative to confirm the building codes with the municipal inspector. Adding electricity to a shed requires a subpanel and circuit breakers subject to established codes.


For individuals who wish to work in their sheds year-round, it is important to fully insulate the shed to guard against the cold of winter and the heat of summer. Start with the floor, adding subslab insulation to protect against cold coming in from the ground. Move onto the walls and roof, sealing fiberglass insulation with drywall or plywood.


For additional heating, wood stoves are solutions that provide a number of benefits. They are affordable sources of heat and come in a number of sizes and styles. Space heaters are also reasonable sources of heat when a shed is wired with electric power. To save space, opt for wall- or ceiling-mounted styles.

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Green Ideas for 8×8 Storage Shed


Environmentally-responsible building practices are becoming more and more important and, fortunately, more and more popular in today’s day and age. Sheds lend themselves to many green solutions that larger structures like single family homes do not. For instance, installing solar panels on a shed is a great way to power a shed used as a home office.


Not all sheds require power for light sources. Take a few days to study the natural light that floods the area where the shed is to be built. By getting an idea of what nature offers, you can positing windows to take full advantage of early-morning light or mid-day sun.


And do not rule out skylights. In some circles, these rooftop windows have received a bad rap as an outdated feature found it 80s-era construction. However, in a small space like a shed, they can have a great impact when it comes to maximizing light.


A final way to go green is with plumbing. Building codes are often strict when it comes to adding plumbing to small structures (like sheds) that are not considered habitable. To overcome this challenge, some homeowners add composting toilets to their sheds. These facilities do not require water, but a drain line to an external tank and a roof vent must be incorporated in the shed design.


Since homeowners have identified uses for sheds that go beyond storage, they have also found a number of ways to make sheds as neat and comfortable as a home. When you are ready to build your own 8×8 storage shed, be sure to keep these amenities in mind.

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