About Us

Hello and Welcome to Woodworking Plans & Design.

On this site we will pull together woodworking plans from all over the internet so that you get one stop for your woodworking plans.

We do the research job behind the woodworking plans so that you don`t have to.

On this site we will also review different plans. Are they all good? Well, you will find reviews under review + and review – sadly to say there are some products out there that not exactly fulfill their promises.

Who Is Behind woodworkingplansdesign.com ?

My name is Veronica and me and my team has put this site together to help you  out, to help you find the woodworking plans that are right for you. That might be a shed plan a dog house plan a boat plan… we will try to cover as much as we can and we add content on a regular basis.


Who Is This Site For?

If you are a DIY person that enjoy putting your own projects together then this site is for you. If you want the best online woodworkingplans but don`t have the time to research it all on your own then this site is for you. We do the online research so that you can focus on what you are good at creating your own projects.


Why a site about Woodworking Plans?

I also run a site called shedplans12x16.net I have been getting such a great respond from this site that I wanted to expand, I wanted to create a site that not only focus on shed plans but also on other woodworking projects.

We would love to hear from you, if you have any suggestions of new topics, new plans that you want us to research and review. Also if there is a specific product out there that you want us to take a look at feel free to contact us and we will get to work.

You can contact us by sending us a message at the contact us page or leave a comment on any of the posts or pages.

Glad to have you here!!


and the woodworkinplansdesign.com team