Shed Blueprints 8×8

shed plan 8x8Are you ready to build from shed blueprints 8×8?

The number of shed designs available rival the number of ways in which shed owners use their buildings.

Work, rest and play can all find a place in a quaint outdoor shed.

Create a Home Office

A home office set in the backyard is invaluable to many professionals. When deadlines loom and special projects need attention after hours, escaping to a quiet office is the only way to get work done. This is not often possible with others in the house, making noise outside the office door.

Escape to the outdoors for a commute measured in steps as opposed to miles or minutes. A licensed electrician can easily outfit a shed with electricity to allow for the many modern day amenities one would expect at the “real” office. Without the distractions of the house – a dishwasher that needs unloaded, clothes in the dryer that need folded, or children hollering for mom or dad to come to the rescue – work gets done.

While the home office application is obvious for busy professionals, teenagers can also steal away to the shed for a quiet place to get their homework done. Sheds also double as great places for older kids to meet for study sessions. And at that age, they get the privacy they crave when they talk on the phone!

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Steal Away in a Bath House

Older homes tend to be small in size yet built on large lots. These homes can often lack bathroom amenities, so a great way to take away of that backyard space is to add a bath shed. This works especially well for homes that have only single shower stalls or one bathroom shared by multiple people. Why add on a pricey bathroom addition when you can bring the spa home to you?

A garden shed can be outfitted with a full tub, outdoor shower or even a sauna. The key to creating a relaxing atmosphere, as opposed to a damp dungeon, is to allow for plenty of natural light through windows. Obviously, this application works best for areas free of the wandering eyes of neighbors.

Garden in a Green House

With a storage shed that doubles as a green house, those with green thumbs can enjoy their past time all year long. Not to mention, a shed creates a place to keep garden tools in one central place. In addition to providing tool storage, green houses also provide a great area to dry herbs.

In the late winter, start seedlings to plant in the spring. Try hydroponic gardening to enjoy fresh tomatoes any time of year, or help fragile flowers like orchids get through the winter. These are just a few ideas other green thumbs among us have tried with success.


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Aside from making a shed your own, our only other recommendation is to hang a clock on the wall. You are sure to spend so much time in the shed that you are bound to lose track of it without one! All you need are shed blueprints 8×8 and a little imagination to get started.

How to Build a 10×10 Shed

shed plans 8x8Would you like to know how to build a 10×10 shed?

Look no further because you are in the right place. From the ground up, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Location is Key

One of the most important decisions when it comes to building a shed is choosing a site to locate it. The instinct most individuals have is to locate the shed on a far corner of their property. However, depending on the use of the shed, it may be wise to consider an area that is no so off the beaten path.

The last thing most people want to do is haul tools back and forth from the shed to the garage. Locating the shed in a more convenient place will increase the odds that it will be used as often as intended. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is locating the building at least 10 feet from the back of the property and 15 feet from the sides of the property.

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Site choice is also important because choosing the wrong location can take years off the life of the shed. For instance, a shed built in a low-lying area will be exposed to water and become vulnerable to wood rot, mold and mildew. Likewise, choose an area where the shed will be exposed to sun and good air flow as this will help protect against too much moisture and regulate the shed temperature.

Foundations, Floors and More

Once the site is selected, the building can really begin. The first thing to do is to lay a foundation. Check with the local building inspector to determine if an on-grade foundation made of cement blocks or wood trusses is sufficient or if a frost-proof foundation is required. The latter requires excavation down to the frost line to protect the shed from settling with the ground as it freezes and thaws.

When the foundation is set, the floor can be framed and then floorboards can be laid. After that, it is time to erect the walls. If you haven’t already, this is a good time to consider door and window size and placement.

If the shed is going to house heavy equipment, choose a set of swinging double doors or a roll-up garage-style door. For an office or hobby work space, a standard residential door might provide the best option. Always consider both functionality and looks when it comes to doors and windows.

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The final, but perhaps most difficult and important, step is to build the roof. Trusses can be challenging for novice builders, so don’t be afraid to call in the pros for this step. If you are up for the challenge, most individuals find it is easiest to build the trusses on the ground and then raise them into position.

Building a shed can be one of the most rewarding projects a homeowner can undertake. Now that you know how to build a 10×10 shed, you can get started on this great project yourself!

How to Build a 8×8 Shed

shed plan 8x8There are a few ways to answer the question of how to build a 8×8 shed. You can build the shed yourself or hire someone to build it for you.

There is also the choice of building from the ground up or working from a kit.

Foundations & Floors

To get started, you will first need to lay a foundation. A smaller shed like the 8 x8 can sit firmly on a foundation made of pressure-treated lumber or solid concrete blocks. This is what is known as an “on-grade” foundation.

Note the importance of using pressure-treated lumber as these types of timbers are specifically crafted to guard against wood rot. Likewise, do not use concrete blocks with a hollow core. Only solid blocks are strong enough to support the building over time.

The floor can be built only once the foundation is set. Again, use pressure-treated lumber for the frame, joists and mudsill. Exterior-grade plywood of ¾ inch thickness is recommended for the floor boards.

To hold the floor boards in place, used galvanized decking screws two inches in length. Just as pressure-treated boards protect against rot, galvanized nails will not rust when they come in contact with water. For added strength, tongue-and-groove plywood is an alternative option.

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Roofs, Doors & Windows

One of the more difficult aspects of building a shed is erecting the roof. Novice builders may find it easier to build the roof trusses on the ground and position them after the walls are raised. The more experience builder will frame the roof by building the rafters into trusses from the tops of the walls themselves.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to roofs is to space the trusses 16 inches apart. Start from the center of the building, and place the first truss directly above a wall stud. Work outwards from there until all trusses are in place, spaced evenly along the wall studs.

Because an 8×8 building is one of the smaller shed designs available, a single set of swinging doors will provide the most proportional look. Swinging doors provide the space necessary to easily move equipment, like lawnmowers, in and out of the shed. If the shed is to be used as an office or other work space, a standard residential door may be more appropriate.

In the case of work spaces, maximizing natural light will be key. However, there is a tradeoff between windows and wall space. If you desire to mount selves or hang artwork to enhance the interior, you will want to plan accordingly.

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Most sheds look best with two windows at the front and one window in the back, leaving two walls without windows. Southern and eastern facing windows will let in the most sunlight. And don’t rule out skylights if more natural light is desired.

If this process sounds daunting, remember, it is not necessary to do everything on your own. Hire a contractor to handle the harder parts like roofing. This is often a great approach when it comes to deciding how to build a 8×8 shed.

12×16 Wood Shed Plans: The Key to Successful Shed Construction

shed plans 8x8If you are looking to build a sturdy, attractive wood shed in your home, then you should really consider getting 12×16 wood shed plans. Constructing a wood shed by yourself can be quite easy and rewarding. It is also more cost effective than getting another person to build it for you. But you need to have properly laid out plans before you start. Even if you are new to the task of constructing a shed, once you have the right type of plans, you can still successfully construct the type of shed you desire.

Acquiring wood shed plans has a lot of advantages. Some of these include gaining access to a full list of all required materials, detailed construction procedures, a huge collection of pictures and information on how to make detailed cost estimates. In this post, we will be discussing the key features and benefits of using wood shed plans.


Cost Estimation Techniques

A frequently asked question on the subject of shed construction is “How do I estimate the cost of my shed?” It is very important to have a detailed estimate of the cost of building a shed. This is one of the important issues that you will easily get facts and figures for if you get properly laid out shed plans.

You will not only have an estimate of the total amount you will need to complete your shed but you will have a good break down of the cost of the different stages of construction. For example, you will know how much it will cost to build the foundation, the wooden poles and shelves as well as the cost of roofing the shed. In addition to this, you will know the comparative costs of using different types of materials to construct the shed.


Click Here for 12×16 shed plan ideas!

Comprehensive List of Materials

Another very important feature of wood shed plans is the detailed list of materials required to build the entire shed. You will also get a list of alternative materials you can use for different parts of the shed to suit your style and taste. Along with the list of materials, you will also have a comprehensive list of tools you will need as well as directions on where you can easily get them.


Detailed Construction Manual for 12×16 Wood Shed Plans

The wood shed plans contain a well written set of procedures and instructions for you to use to construct your shed. Several pictures are also included to show you how the shed will look at various stages of construction. With these, you will gain confidence and insight on how to effectively cut your wood and fasten them together to make your shed. A lot of wood patterns and diagrams are also included. These will make it easy for you to trace out the patterns on the wood and create all the pieces required for the shed.

Those are some of the features and benefits of obtaining and using detailed plans for your shed construction. To ensure that you successfully start and finish your desired shed, you should get one of the 12×16 wood shed plans today.

Construct a 10×10 Storage Shed by Following 10 Simple Steps

10x10_storage_shed_plansHaving a good 10×10 storage shed can give your property an organized and neater appearance. This is because the shed gives you a place to store tools, lawn chairs, bicycles and other stuffs that are usually scattered all over the yard. This shed also add value to your property while keeping these items protected from intruders and different environmental elements. Constructing this shed is not is not a difficult task and it can be done by following the following steps.

Click Here for 10×10 Shed Plan Ideas

1. Take measurements of the shed to ensure that it has 9 feet x9 inches. The 2x4s width will give the 10 feet overall measurement. Place stakes in all corners of the shed and then take measurements of the diagonals to ensure that they are equal to so that your structure can be of a square shape.

2. Dig holes at all the stakes using a power auger or a post-hole digger. You can rent this from a home improvement or rental store. Make your holes 28 inches deep with a diameter of 8 to 10 inches.

3. In each hole, put gravel up to 4 inches and then place 4×4 inches posts that have been treated using pressure-treatment method in the holes. Ensure that your posts are plumb using a level. Nail your 2x 4s to the post and the drive them into the ground to brace the post in position.

4. Pour a well-mixed concrete around your posts ensuring that your posts are plumb and that the edges on the outer side are 9 inches, 9 feet apart. Also maintain equal diagonal distances. Pour concrete until when it is slightly above the ground. Using the back side of the shovel, smooth the poured concrete to ensure that it is sloping away from the erected posts and leave it for 48 hours.

5. Create frames for the shed by nailing 2x4s or 10 foot to the outer side of the erected posts. Use pressure treated 2x4s at the ground and ensure that all of them are level. Measure 6 feet from each post and then add untreated post 2×4 around the shed up to the top. While creating the frames, decide the front side of the shed and where you will create the door as well as its size. If you want the shed to have a window, determine its location too while creating the frame.

6. Nail 2x4s to make a door into a rectangular frame. The door should be less than the height and width of the opening by a half. This will leave space for clearance and hinges leaving room for the door to close and open. Use hinges and a drill to fix the door with a helper holding it in place.

7. Create the roof frame of the shed using 2x4s. Make sure that the roof is constructed in a way that lest water run smoothly over the roof.

8. Attach plastic or corrugated roofing to the frames.

9. Use corrugated metal or T111 plywood to put siding on the shed. Use a circular saw to cut pieces so that they fit properly.

10. Caulk around the shed’s perimeter to keep water out and if your shed will have windows screw them properly into place.

Click Here for 10×10 Shed Plan Ideas

By following these simple steps, you will come up with a nice-looking 10×10 storage shed where you can keep your items instead of scattering them all over the yard.

FAQ – Online Shed Plans

online shed plans 12 x 16Are you interested in getting online shed plans but have a few questions and are not sure it is the way to go? We here try to answer some of those questions, if you wonder about something that we did not bring up feel free to leave your question below in the comment section and we will add it to our list.


Is online shed plans for you? Hopefully you will  have the answer to that after reading this article.


How Do I Get My Shed Plans When I Order Online?

In most cases the shed plans are downloadable which means that after you place your order you will be send a link where you can download the plans.

In some cases you will be send an actual physical product a CD.


Can I Print Them Out More Than Ones If They Are Downloadable?

Yes, you can print them out as many times as you want. Perfect if you lose them or spill coffee on them.


Is It Safe To Order Shed Plans Online?

Yes, it is safe to order your plans online. In most cases you can pay with a payment service like PayPal which means that you don`t have to give out your credit card information.


If I Don`t Like the Product Can I Get a Refund?

This is upto the product owner, but in most cases there is a money back guarantee which allows you to look at the plans if it is not what you are looking for you can ask for a refund. Make sure you check this before you make your purchase though so that you know for sure if the product is not as expected.


If I Need Help Where Do I Get It?

Most the products we recommend have either a email customer service or chat customer service. Feel free to contact them with any questions you might have.


Should I Go With a Specific Plan or Go With a Product that Offer Many Different Wood Working Projects?

Well, if you are a DIY person that loves woodworking projects than you might want to go for a product that includes many different projects. You should know thought that a lot  of these products have ”scraped” the internet and a lot of the plans can be found else where.

The convenience of a product like this is that you have it handy and you don`t have to search the internet every time you have a new project. One thing to think about though is that you might not be able to see the plans before you actually purchase the product. Make sure you read our product reviews so that you can chose the best product for you.

If you are looking for a shed plan and that is it, then go for one of the singular specific shed plans. Then you know exactly what it will look like you have the picture and you are not overwhelmed by a lot of other projects.


Please feel free to leave any other questions you might have, right here in the comment section.



Shed Plans 10 x 12

10x12_garden_shed_001If you are of the mind to build a shed for convenient and affordable storage or work space, consider shed plans 10 x 12 to meet your needs.

This moderately sized shed size offers most homeowners just the right amount of space without taking up too much precious back yard real estate.

We have researched and collected all the 10×12 shed plans we could find on the internet, to make it easier for you. This way you have all of them right here, you can compare them and chose the one that suits you and your needs the best.

Shed Plans 10×12

Barn Shed Plans II

Website: Storage Shed Plans

Instant Download: Yes

Price: $17


This is a nice barn shed, the 10×12 shed plans come with roof plans and 2×4 roof rafters. Door and window details for framing. All this and more in a 70 page manual. Is this the shed you are looking for?

Click Here and Go To: Barn Roof Plans - Barn Shed Plans II

Barn Shed Plans III

Website: Storage Shed Plans

Instant Download: Yes

Price: $17


With this 70 page construction manual you can with step by step instructions build your 10×12 shed plan. The manual also comes with roof plans, 2×4 wall construction, full size rafter cut templates, window and door framing details.

Click Here and Go To: Barn Roof Plans - Barn Shed Plans III

Gable Barn Plan – 10×12 Storage Shed Plan

Website: Storage Shed Plans

Instant Download: Yes

Price: $17



This 10×12 gable barn plan comes with roof plans, framing details, rafter cut templates and more. If you are looking for a gable barn shed this might be it.

Go To: Gable Roof Plans - Storage Shed Plans

10×12 Storage Shed II

Website: Storage Shed Plans

Instant Download: Yes

Price: $17


Go To: Gable Roof Plans - Storage Shed Plans II

10×12 Garden Shed

Website: Storage Shed Plans

Instant Download: Yes

Price: $17


Go To: Gable Roof Plans - Garden Plans 

Deluxe Cabana Shed

Website: Storage Shed Plans

Instant Download: Yes

Price: $17


This deluxe cabana shed might be the perfect fit for your backyard. It comes with a construction manual that explains wall construction, roof plans, framing details, foundation and more.

Go To: Hip Roof Plans - Deluxe Cabana Plans 

Garden Tool and Lawn Tractor Storage

Website: Shedbuilding 101

Instant Download: Yes

Price: $29

This shed plan is part of a package, shedbuilding101, that offers 41 shed plans in different sizes.


This shed is build with:

  • Permanent stud-frame building
  • Concrete slab foundation
  • Storage loft
  • Downloadable blueprints

The plans include:

  • Framing plan
  • Framing section
  • Exterior elevations and construction
  • Finish details

View and read the Material list before you even purchase the plans.

Go To: Garden Tool and Lawn Tractor Storage

Gabel Roof Style 10×12

Website: Amazon by Plans Design

Instant Download: No, comes as a CD disk

Price: $16.95


  • This deluxe shed plan come with material list, cutting lists, detailed drawings and step by step instructions.

Is this dual door classic shed the one that you are looking for?

The dual door set up make it easy to take things in and out of the shed.

More info here - Gabel Roof Style 10x12

Saltbox Shed 10×12

Website: Amazon by Plans Design

Instant Download: No, comes as a CD disk

Price: $16.95


  • This shed is built with a saltbox roof style and skid foundation.

The building size is 10×12 which give you 120 Sq. Ft

Double sided door 60″ x 73″

  • Nice looking shed that would look nice in most backyards.


More info here - Saltbox Shed 10x12


Storage Shed Plans 10×12

Website: Amazon by Plans Design

Instant Download: No, comes as a CD disk

Price: $14.95




More info here - Storage Shed 10x12


It was in just a slightly larger shed – 10 x 15 to be exact – that William Harley and Arthur Davidson perfected their signature motorcycle motor! Here are a few helpful tips to consider during construction.

On-grade Foundations

Unlike larger sheds (above 200 square feet), 10 x 12 sheds do not require a permanent poured foundation. Instead, an on-grade foundation is sufficient. These foundations are also sometimes referred to by the term “floating” foundations.

This type of foundation does not require any digging down to the frost line or pouring of cement but is instead built directly on top of the earth. Simply lay solid concrete blocks (not those with hollow spaces separated by a center band of concrete) or boards of pressure-treated lumber in evenly spaced, parallel rows. A wooden floor frame is then built upon the leveled block or timber foundation.

Keep it Dry

Foundations are of the utmost importance because they protect the shed from structural damage due to the natural settling of the earth. They also help ensure the floor stays dry, which is imperative to avoid wood rot. Truly, wood’s worst enemy is water, so it is important to allow for proper air circulation to keep the floors dry.

To avoid warping, rot, corrosion, mold and mildew, place the mudsill a minimum of six inches above the ground. This space will give air a chance to move and circulate under and around the shed. Leaving two to three feet of space between each side of the shed and the nearest exterior object will also give air the chance it needs to circulate.

When it comes to exterior, leaving space between shrubs, trees or other vegetation and the shed walls will also allow the warm rays of the sun to dry any lingering moisture. An added bonus between leaving plenty of space is the fact that it is easier to perform repairs and general maintenance, like painting, when there is room to move around the shed.

Finishing Touches

A 10 x 12 plan is the perfect size for adding a quaint covered porch at the entry way. Framed with 4 x 4 lumber, the shed can maintain the appearance of a traditional shelter both from the exterior and the interior. Remember, before beginning any construction project, it is necessary to obtain approval from the local building inspector.


Lastly, consider adding a touch of personality through the materials used for siding, roofing and trim. Decorative touches such as paint and trim also go a long way in creating a shed unique to each home owner. Today’s modern shed plans 10 x 12 offer the convenience of onsite storage, the luxury of private work space, and many uses in between.


8×8 Storage Shed

shed plans 8x8An 8×8 storage shed is the ideal solution for many individuals who find themselves in need of a little extra work space or more room for storage. The recent popularity of sheds has made us consider the question, Are sheds the new status symbols? For many of us – whose notion of shed is a glorified shack tucked away in the corner of a back yard – the idea seems laughable. Yet more and more homeowners are building sheds that make a statement.


8×8 Storage Shed – Creature Comforts


Adding power and plumbing to a shed transforms these once-simple structures into sophisticated work spaces. When going this route, it is imperative to confirm the building codes with the municipal inspector. Adding electricity to a shed requires a subpanel and circuit breakers subject to established codes.


For individuals who wish to work in their sheds year-round, it is important to fully insulate the shed to guard against the cold of winter and the heat of summer. Start with the floor, adding subslab insulation to protect against cold coming in from the ground. Move onto the walls and roof, sealing fiberglass insulation with drywall or plywood.


For additional heating, wood stoves are solutions that provide a number of benefits. They are affordable sources of heat and come in a number of sizes and styles. Space heaters are also reasonable sources of heat when a shed is wired with electric power. To save space, opt for wall- or ceiling-mounted styles.

Click Here for 8×8 Shed Plans


Green Ideas for 8×8 Storage Shed


Environmentally-responsible building practices are becoming more and more important and, fortunately, more and more popular in today’s day and age. Sheds lend themselves to many green solutions that larger structures like single family homes do not. For instance, installing solar panels on a shed is a great way to power a shed used as a home office.


Not all sheds require power for light sources. Take a few days to study the natural light that floods the area where the shed is to be built. By getting an idea of what nature offers, you can positing windows to take full advantage of early-morning light or mid-day sun.


And do not rule out skylights. In some circles, these rooftop windows have received a bad rap as an outdated feature found it 80s-era construction. However, in a small space like a shed, they can have a great impact when it comes to maximizing light.


A final way to go green is with plumbing. Building codes are often strict when it comes to adding plumbing to small structures (like sheds) that are not considered habitable. To overcome this challenge, some homeowners add composting toilets to their sheds. These facilities do not require water, but a drain line to an external tank and a roof vent must be incorporated in the shed design.


Since homeowners have identified uses for sheds that go beyond storage, they have also found a number of ways to make sheds as neat and comfortable as a home. When you are ready to build your own 8×8 storage shed, be sure to keep these amenities in mind.

 Click Here for 8×8 Shed Plans!

Shed Plans 12×16 for the Green Builder

12x16 shed plans
shed plans 12×16

A number of individuals research shed plans 12×16 to meet their space and storage needs. We have found the majority of these people are interested in finding “green”, or environmentally friendly, building options once they settle on the floor plan and design suited to their needs. Accordingly, here are our top tips for building a shed that is as good for the earth as it is for the homeowner.


Green Building Products

There are a number of high-quality green building products available on the market today. Most homeowners are pleasantly surprised to learn purchasing earth friendly products are not all that more expensive than traditional building products. Insulation is one green building product that can really make a different to the environment. Like standard insulation, insulation made with natural materials adequately:


  • Resists Moisture
  • Offers Sound Proofing
  • Provides Thermal Efficiency


Traditional fiberglass insulation is tricky to handle and takes quite a bit of energy to manufacture. Natural insulation products, typically made from sheep’s wool or natural materials termed cellulose, require less energy to product. In addition, toxic chemicals are not required to make these materials.

 Click Here for 12×16 Shed Plans!

The material that makes up sheep’s wool insulation is, of course, the coat from the wooly farm animal. On the other hand, the main components of cellulose insulation are recycled newspapers or cardboard. Other organic materials like cotton, sawdust, help and straw are also sometimes used to manufacture cellulose insulation.


Recycled Materials – Shed Plans 12×16

Just as one might shop a consignment store for clothes, a number of charitable organizations run second-hand stores that sell building materials. These shopping destinations serve as a great resource for building supplies as well as fixtures to jazz up a shed’s interior. Here are a few green materials to look for while you are there:


  • Leaded, double-paned windows
  • LED and/or solar-powered lights
  • Water-based paint, preferably colored with natural pigments


Habitat for Humanity’s Re-Stores are just one example of where to find these items. These stores sell building materials leftover or salvaged from larger job sites. Shopping at one of these stores allows a homeowner to do good for the environment while supporting a good cause, not to mention it is a great way to save a bit of money.


Foundations Go Green

A strong foundation is always recommended for any type of structure, and sheds are no exception. Most homeowners believe concrete is their only choice when building a shed. Other green options exist, however.


Most home improvement stores sell tiles designed to serve as just such a base. Made from recycled plastics, the tiles interlock in place. They can then be extended past the actual building footprint to allow for a walkway or small porch area if desired.


If this is the case, simply lay crushed shells or stones down to create a finished look. Instead of pesticides, prevent weeds from growing through these spaces by laying down a thin sheet of plastic made from recycled plastic bottles. These products are available in the garden section of most home improvement stores.


As you can see, these options make building green with shed plans 12×16 simple and rewarding.

Shed Plans 8×8

storage shed plans 8 x 8Shed plans 8×8 size offer the perfect solution for homeowners who need a bit of extra space but who do not have a large area on which to build. This can be the perfect size for extra storage.

On this page we will talk about 8×8 shed plans. We will show you some pictures so that you can pick the shed that fits in with your surroundings and your needs. We have researched the internet for you and submitted the sheds we have found in the size you are looking for.


Shed Plans 8×8

Gable Storage Shed Plan 8×8 

Website: Storage Shed Plans

Instant Download: Yes

Price: $17


Click Here and Go To: Gable Roof Plans – Storage Shed Plans



8′ x 8′ Classic Gable Storage Shed

Website: Amazon (by plans design)

Instant Download: No, comes as a CD

Price: $12.95


shed plan 8x8

This is a high quality set of plans from plans design, for any skill level.

The plans are generated from Auto-Cad with a professional design.

These plans will not only help you save money but also help you build a nice professional looking shed in the size that you are looking for.

The plans come with:

  • Material List
  • Step by Step Instructions.
  • 8′ deep x 8′ wide floor
  • 5′ double doors


Get This Plan - Classic Gable Storage Shed Plan 8x8



8′ X 8′ Gable Storage Shed Floor Plans


Website: Amazon (by plans design)

Instant Download: No, comes as a CD

Price: $12.95

8x8 storage shed plans

This shed plan from plans design are made in Auto-Cad, high quality plans that are easy to follow.

Pro or beginner does not matter if this is the design and size you are looking for then these shed plans are for you.

Nice professional looking shed with plans that will save you money.


The plans come with:

  • Material List
  • Step by Step Instructions.
  • 8′ deep x 8′ wide floor
  • 5′ double doors


Get This Plan - 8' X 8' Gable Storage Shed Floor Plans


There are not too many 8×8 shed plans to choose from if you decide to build a shed that is a little bit bigger then you will have a little bit more to choose from.

Shed plans 8×10

Shed plans 10×10


The majority of people who choose to build a small shed find the process provides a perhaps unexpected, yet welcome, opportunity to engage in green-building practices. In fact, there are a number of environmentally-responsible ways in which to construct a shed.


Living Roofs

That is right; a shed roof can be alive. Constructing a roof that applies green principles is a great place to start. Instead of traditional shingles, the roof is instead covered with a very thin layer of soil and plants.

There are a couple of advantages to building a roof in this way. Because soil retains energy, the living roof serves as a sort of natural insulation that helps regulate the interior temperature of the shed. The vegetation helps retain heat into the fall and winter and keeps the interior cool during the summer.

Another advantage is the living roof’s ability to give back what was taken from the earth below. The idea here is to replace the grass that no longer grows under the shed by growing vegetation on top of the roof area. And surprisingly, growing plants on a roof is not unsightly or hard to maintain.

It is essential, however, that the roof is properly constructed. Soil and plants are much heavier than shingles, so elements of the design must consider this aspect. A building inspector is a good resource to help ensure a living roof is built to code.


Light it Up

Adding a solar panel to the roof is a great green solution to light both the interior and exterior of a shed. This option is available for both living and traditional roofs. The power generated by the solar panel can light the interior as well as power small lights on the exterior.

Perhaps you would like light to work by when the days grow short. Maybe you would prefer to tinker long into a summer night. Lighting a shed is typically the number one regret most homeowners who opted to forego this feature wish they would have added.


Attract Wildlife

Curious about any other advantages to having a living roof? A number of lovely song birds and beautiful butterflies are typically attracted to the plants that grow on this elevated plane. Add a few window boxes filled with flowers or pots filled with plants and/ in no time, you will have created a wildlife sanctuary right in your own back yard.

While a lot of attention has been paid to green building methods and practices in the housing sector, less so has been made about extending those same principles to sheds. Clearly, they are applicable as outlined here. A number of the same issues a homeowner must consider when building a shed are just as easily addressed with green building products as they are with traditional solutions. Constructing a green building from shed plans 8×8 is really as simple as that.