Barn Shed Plans 12×16

shed plans 12x16When it comes to selecting the right set of barn shed plans 12×16, there are a number of quality designs available in today’s marketplace. Barn sheds typically take one of four forms, all of which take their names from the structure of their roofs.


Gabel: By far the most popular of the barn shed designs, the gable is also rather simple. It has a standard pitched roof set atop a box-like structure. Gable sheds are available in a wide range of sizes, a feature which also makes them attractive to potential builders.


Gambrel: The hallmark of the design of the gambrel shed is the very uniquely shaped roof. Steeply sloped from the center pitch, the roof then falls down along the top quarter of the building at a softer angle. The area created by the additional angle creates a loft which is oftentimes used as additional storage space.


Lean-To: This is the most inexpensive barn shed to construct as it requires only two walls. The lean-to relies on a larger structure to serve as its back wall, then the side walls and roof “lean” against that structure. Of course, a lean-to look can be accomplished without the presence of a larger structure simply by building the third wall. Individuals interested in a simple storage space often elect the lean-to design.


SaltBox: Perhaps the quaintest of the barn shed designs, the saltbox has a roof as unique as that found on the gambrel. Saltbox roofs are pitched off-center, with one side more steeply sloped than the front side. The shed layout is longer than it is wide to accommodate for this unique look.


Because they are tricky to construct, saltbox sheds are best left to the seasoned builder. They are often also built to resemble miniature houses. Most homeowners who choose this design go all out and paint the shed in the same color as the main home.

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Safety Considerations for Barn Sheds


Sheds, especially those that resemble miniature houses, can appear as play houses to young children. They make great hiding places in a game of hide and go seek and the perfect shelter for a playing house or school.


To keep kids safe, take care to lock the shed at all times when not in use. A latch and a padlock are simple to install and keep out children who could get hurt when not under adult supervision.


Another way to ensure children are safe when allowed to play in a barn shed it to conduct an annual inspection to assess for wood rot or other structural faults like cracks. This step keeps adults free from harm as well.


Finally, make a commitment to flammable liquids such as paint thinners in a place other than the shed. These liquids are simply too volatile to be made safe, and they pose a poison hazard. If you must keep these items in the shed, do so only in a locked cabinet. Taking these safety precautions ensure the whole family can enjoy the new barn shed plans 12×16.