Storage Shed Plans Review

The online source Storage Shed Plans offers high-quality, easy to ready plans that make building a shed a breeze to complete.  This company offers some of best shed plans available online today. With a package designed to fit every style and budget, these plans are hard to beat.

storage shed plan review


Storage Shed Plans Overview

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Website: storage shed plans

Money Back Guarantee: Yes, 8 Weeks

Price: $17

Storage sheds today come in any number of styles. Choose from barn sheds, garden, cottage and gable styles. Different roofs are also an option and can be built as a salt-box, gable or cabana style. Shed plans are also available for backyard gazebos and pergolas.

What`s Included in The Storage Shed Plans?

Regardless of what package you choose economy or deluxe, a full materials list is included. The plans show how to build the sheds on either a wood or concrete foundation.  Framing details for doors and windows are fully outlined so a builder can easily adjust their location and size as desired.

One of the toughest parts to building a shed is getting the roof right. This is why these plans also include detailed instructions for the roof and rafters. To ensure the rafters are cut correctly, full-size rafter templates come with the plans as well.

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This template eliminates the toughest part of shed construction. Forget reading a framing square. Simply trace the template on to the rafters to ease cutting the rafters to size.

Complementary Building Guides

In addition to the plans themselves, building guides are provided as an added bonus. Simply print the guides when they are received via email and refer to them as often as needed. Topics include tips on how to properly install vinyl windows, position and secure shingles on a roof and how to add vinyl siding as an exterior finish.

The building guides and the shed plans are available for download immediately after purchase. An email with links to the plans online will also be delivered for your convenience.

Deluxe or Economy?

Shed plans are available with Storage Shed Plans as a deluxe or an economy package. The economy package is great for individuals who want to get a shed up as soon as possible and worry about the bells and whistles later. Featuring a more utilitarian than homey look, economy plans make use of basic doors and windows as well as inexpensive 1×4 trim.

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Deluxe plans require a bit nicer materials in terms of the final look. They call for upgraded doors, windows and trim as well as quality exterior siding and overhangs. Both plan packages come complete with a 70-page construction manual.

Final Verdict on Storage Shed Plans

More and more homeowners are turning to sheds as affordable ways to add storage or work spaces to their property. For less than eight dollars per square foot, a new building is well within reach. The key to success is to start with quality plans, then invest in building materials and, if needed, a contractor to assist with construction.

Join the many homeowners who have discovered the convenience of a backyard shed. For a small monetary investment and a weekend dedicated to a do-it-yourself project, storage shed plans can be transformed into a building that will last a lifetime.

Overall Ranking: 

Website: storage shed plans

Money Back Guarantee: Yes, 8 Weeks

Price: $17

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Shed Building 101 Review

Shed building 101 is a complete do-it-yourself package that offers 41 shed plans along with complete building guides. Available for the very affordable price of $29, this comprehensive product costs less than most other individual shed plans. Why purchase one set of plans for upwards of $100 each when you can get 41 for a quarter of the cost?

Shed Building 101 Overview

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Website: Shed Building 101

Money Back Guarantee: Yes, 60 days

Price: $29


Three Ways to Save Money

This product offers cost-saving benefits on plan expenses, construction costs and storage fees. As mentioned, 41 plans of varying designs are available upon purchase.  These many designs make it easy to choose a shed that will allow you to say so long to storage fees.

In addition, the building guides offer lessons on how to construct the entire shed. Individuals with more construction experience can take advantage of the tutorials on individual aspects of the shed-building process. Anytime you can do even a bit of the work yourself, you are sure to save a bundle of money.

shed building 101 review

What You Get With Shed Building 101

The 41 plans include an array of designs. From storage to office space, even up to a three-car garage, there is a design to suit your needs. Here is just a sampling of what to expect:

  • Cabanas and Pool Houses
  • Offices and Studios
  • Barns and Pole-Barns
  • Cottages

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Shed building lessons are also part of this complete package. Step-by-step instructions walk builders through the process. Detailed drawings, illustrations and photos leave no room for question about what to do next. This good advice will help you construct whatever shed you choose.


Product Features

Every plan included in the package is professionally designed and engineered. The do-it-yourself building advice that comes along with the plans is culled from experts who have plenty of shed-building experience.  The downloadable plans are available almost instantly, so there is no need to delay your project due to shipping times.


At the time of purchase, both the shed plans and the building guides are delivered electronically within minutes of order submission. These files are delivered as PDF that requires Adobe Reader to view and print. If your computer does not already include this program, it is available for free download.


Once the plans are delivered, you are ready to print them as many times as you need. It is also possible to print out material lists that make comparison shopping at different hardware stores and lumber yards much easier. The lists and plans are also helpful for getting estimates from contractors when opting to leave the building process – or at least a portion of it – to a professional.

Money Back Guarantee

This product is backed by a money-back guarantee, so there absolutely no risk to purchase. Customers have 60-days to decide if the plans are right for them. If not, simply let the company know and they will issue a full refund.

Customer Support

If you do run into any problems as far as the shed plans go, you can reach Shed plans 101 at


Final Thought of Shed Building 101

Overall Ranking: 

Website: Shed Building 101

Money Back Guarantee: Yes, 60 days

Price: $29

The key to building quality sheds is to use proven plans. You will find a variety of those as well as step-by-step guides and reliable advice in this product.  This shed building 101 downloadable package is like having your own personal designer and carpenter; get started today!


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8×12 Shed Plans

There are a lot of questions to ask when choosing among the 8×12 shed plans available today. Where will the shed look right? Is 8 x 12 large enough or too large? What is the right design for our needs? Get started answering these questions by considering the basics of shed design.

8×12 Shed Plans

Exterior Looks

Fortunately, there are a range of sizes, styles and other options that allow individuals to plan and build the perfect shed. These small buildings sometimes fall victim to the mindset style is the price to pay for functionality. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Sheds today are both lovely to look at and functional, and there is no place better to start than with the shed design. Some homeowners prefer to match the shed to the main house. While this is a perfectly acceptable option, sheds also offer the opportunity for individuals to get creative.

It is highly unlikely anyone will paint their home lime green. The small size of a shed makes this color choice perfectly acceptable, however. The key is to choose from a color palate inspired by nature.

For instance, greens, browns and yellows blend in with the natural environment regardless of the shade. Bright pinks and oranges do not. To enjoy a shed for years to come, simply stick to a style and color that reflects your taste.

Interior Design to Maximize Storage

Most individuals turn to sheds as a solution for their storage needs. In addition to the exterior look, it is important to consider interior design from the start. For instance, windows are great for natural light, but they also take away from valuable wall space that could be used for shelving and storage.

The same concept applies to doors. It is important to consider their placement in order to ensure convenient access to lawn equipment, sporting goods and the like. No one wants to move bags of potting soil or small garden tools like rakes and shovels out of the way every time they need to use the lawn mower.

Installing double doors makes it easy to access all items in the shed. Adding a ramp helps to more easily move wheeled equipment in and out of storage. In addition, building in partitioned walls can help divide space within the shed to keep kids toys away from heavy equipment or the like.

There is really no limit to how any one individual or family can customize their shed. On the inside, installing shelves, hooks and benches will help keep things organized and in their rightful places. The outside can take on any number of looks depending on the windows, doors and roof line.

Budget some time during the planning process to research shed designs and layouts. This is the only sure-fire way to choose the best shed. While one family may need extra storage, another may look to build a shed as a quiet backyard office space. Versatile 8×12 shed plans can meet any of these unique needs.

Small Dog House Plans

small dog house planWhat size doghouse to build is often a subject of great debate when choosing among sets of small dog house plans. Although we humans seem to appreciate oversized McMansions more so than quaint bungalows, our canine companions take the opposite viewpoint. Dogs do not want a house that is too big or too small but one that fits just right.

To determine what the right size is, a grown dog should be able to stand up in the dog house, turn around, and comfortably stretch out. The space it takes to accomplish this is often much smaller than one might think. Keeping a dog house the right size also helps the pooch stay warm by trapping its body heat. This is especially important for dogs that live outside in colder climates.

Speaking of the elements like cold temperatures, build the dog house to keep water and wind out. Place an overhang along the doorway and seal seams tightly. Humans do not appreciate sleeping in damp, drafty bedrooms, and neither do dogs.

Small Dog House Plans – Tips for Floors

Another building tip is to raise the floor of the dog house up off the ground. Just like one would build a shed upon a foundation, taking the extra step of building the dog house on a concrete slab protects the pet and the building. Dogs stay warm because the floor is not in contact with the ground, and the dog house has a line of defense against dampness that leads to wood rot.

In really cold months, adding a piece of Styrofoam as further insulation is recommended to help keep dogs warm. It is very easy to cut to size and is easily covered with a layer of straw or a manufactured doggie pillow.

Small Dog House Plans Other Building Suggestions

We’ve talked a lot about keeping the dog warm, but what about helping it cool off? A dog house with good air flow is important to prevent the dog from overheating. This is not to suggest cracks that allow air to blow through the house are acceptable.

What we do suggest is building vents in the peak of the roof. An open doorway or one covered with a loose flap (rubber, burlap, etc.) will create the updraft needed for the vents to work. A properly ventilated shed is protected against interior mold and mildew as well.

Small Dog House Plans Customize It

Most plans for dog houses lend themselves to basic customizations. Adding a bit of flair here and there is a great way to improve upon traditional dog house designs. Building an overhang off to one side creates a sort of porch where the dog can find shade.

Human owners can benefit from adding an extra-large door at the back of the house that they can open to clean up inside. This door does not need to be obvious; simply install it to hinge open from the top and open from the bottom. Keeping these suggestions in mind will make it much easier to find the right set of small dog house plans for you family pet.

Large Dog House Plans

large dog house plansBuilding a pooch a home from large dog house plans is a great way to welcome the latest furry addition to the family. Existing family pets will also appreciate spruced up digs of their own. All it takes are a few tools, materials and a bit of time.

It is really quite simple to build a dog house. In fact, this is a great project for first-time builders or those who are looking to gain experience.


The size of the dog house will depend on the size of the dog. Regardless of the breed, a dog should have enough room to easily turn around inside its house. Here is a list of basic building materials needed to make the plans a reality:

  • 4 x 8 Sheet of 5/8-in. Plywood
  • 8-ft. 2 x 4
  • 10-ft. 2 x 4
  • Nails
  • Shingles
  • Paint or Stain

The first thing to do is to lay out the plywood and boards according to the building plans. Cut the 10-foot board into eight pieces according to this plan. You will need four, six inch pieces; two, 20 ¾ inch pieces; and two, 22 7/8 inch pieces.  These will be used to create a platform on which to build the dog house.

One thing to keep in mind in regards to the floor is to build it up off the ground. There are two reasons to raise the floor up off the ground. The first is to keep water outside the dog house when it rains. The second is to help regulate the temperature.

This latter point is particularly important for individuals who reside in cold climates. The ground stays very cold in the winter, and raising the floor keeps that chill from seeping into the dog house. Once the floor is built, one can then easily raise the walls and set the roof.


  • Measuring Tape
  • Hammer
  • Square or Ruler
  • Circular Saw or Table Saw
  • Paintbrush and Paintbrushes
  • Sandpaper


For safety purposes, it is also a good idea to wear goggles or safety glasses at all times. You never know when an errant nail or splinter may launch into the air. Wearing ear plugs is a good idea when using loud power tools like a circular saw. In addition, using a dust mask is a good idea to keep from breathing sawdust into the lungs.

Final Considerations

A number of people choose to decorate the dog house to match the main home or a shed on the property. This is a great way to use up leftover paint or stain and shingles. Some pet parents get really creative and build dog houses that resemble everything from mini mansions to castles to barns.

The key to making this project a success is to keep the dog’s comfort in mind at all times. A cutesy design may look appealing, but if the door is too small for the pooch to fit through, then it simply will not use its new home. Deciding on a quality set of large dog house plans will circumvent these potential problems.

Shed Plans 8 x 12

After you decide on shed plans 8 x 12, a number of decisions must be made before and during the building process. For many people, the detail involved in this process can become overwhelming. However, with just a little bit of research, homeowners can uncover a number of solutions that work for their unique needs. Here is a sampling of just a few ideas:


Tips for the Roof

Framing the roof is by far and away the most difficult part of the shed building process. To save both time and energy, prebuilt roof trusses can save countless trips up and down a ladder. Because these products are so popular among consumers, competing manufacturers have gotten the price point down so that they are just a few dollars more than traditional lumber.


For cost savings, metal roofing is often the way to go. Wait a second, isn’t metal roofing twice the price of traditional asphalt shingles. The short answer is yes, but it is wise to consider the long-term benefits.


On a small structure like a shed, it will only cost $100 to $200 more to roof with metal. And metal roofs, on average, last 30 to 50 years! There are time-savings too.


Rather than nailing the plywood across the roof, one need only screw metal panels to a few 2X4 purlins attached across rafters. This process beats pounding in hundreds of nails to hold asphalt shingles any day!


Another option for a roof is to add light via plastic domes. This allows for natural light and at the same time frees up precious wall space typically taken up by windows. It is hard to argue against leave wall space for shelves and hanging storage!


Skylights installed in homes are rather pricey, but plastic dome skylights are available for about $50 or less. They are also rather easy to install by simply cutting through the roof sheathing and nailing the skylight and roof covering into place. Because the domed look is not always the most attractive, we recommend placing the domes on a side of the roof that is least visible from the home.


Suggestions for Windows and Doors

The most cost effective window on the market is what is known as a barn sash design. These windows consist of a single pane of glass set in a basic wood frame. Dividers the section the window into what looks like four smaller panes are easily added for character.


Like a plastic dome skylight, it is not uncommon to find these windows for under $50. They are easily installed by permanently screwing them in place or hinging them at the top or the sides.


Incorporating sliding doors into a shed design is another worthwhile investment. Unlike doors that swing open, sliding doors are not susceptible to sagging as the years wear on. Many people also find installation of these doors is rather simple. As you can see, there are any number of solutions to give standard shed plans 8 x 12 a unique twist.


The History Behind 10 x 12 Saltbox Shed Plans

10x12 shed plansThe 10 x 12 saltbox shed plans style is one of the more unique designs available to hopeful shed owners. In addition to a style that is sure to turn heads, the saltbox has attractive functional aspects as well.

It as prized for storage as it is as a home office or guest house bungalow. Read on to learn more about this historic style.

Colonial New England Meets Modern Backyards

Saltbox architecture originated in the colonial era in the New England states. Homes of this style have two stories in the front and one story in the back; the roof slopes steeply downward from the front to the back to create the saltbox shape. For many, this description brings to mind the lean-to design.

In fact, in colonial times, the kitchen was built as a lean-to at the back of the house. As families grew in size, moving the kitchen from what amounted to a glorified hallway to a lean-to structure was a cost-effective way add on to a home. Some say the saltbox was a way to avoid taxes on homes taller than one-story, though this is likely an old-wives tale. By the late 1800s, this portion of the building was generally included as part of the original home construction.

10 x 12 Saltbox Shed Plans Click Here

The pitched roof is long and low on one side (typically the back) and short and high on the other (most often the front). It is not uncommon to find shed roof pitches of 12/12 for the front and a lower slope of 5/12 for the back. This steep slope gives the one-story shed the look of a salt-box without adding a story or sacrificing interior storage space.

Functional 10 x 12 Saltbox Shed Plans

This type of shed design is great for anyone who needs extra storage or who wants to create a private getaway space. For the urban homesteader, they even make great chicken coops!

A double door is located on the front of the building, often off to one side to allow for a window on the other half of the wall. Typical color palettes range from traditional browns and blues to classic reds and whites. Modifications are always an option to fit individual usage and style needs.

To build a shed of this size, it will first be necessary to set a foundation. In colonial times, post-and-beam techniques where wood joints held a structure together were preferred over metal nails. Today, pressure-treated timbers and boards and galvanized nails are fine to use during shed construction.

A traditional, polished look is readily achieved when wood siding is used to complete the exterior.  As a cost-savings measure, painted plywood is certainly a reasonable option as well. Add panache with landscaping or flowering window boxes.

10 x 12 Saltbox Shed Plans Click Here

Characterized as a simple, strong design, the salt box is one of the more popular shed styles today. Homeowners appreciate the simple aesthetic as much as the functional storage and work spaces these buildings provide. For an affordable, do-it-yourself project designed to last, 10 x 12 saltbox shed plans are a great choice.

10×12 Gambrel Shed Plans

plans for 10x12 storage shedThe choice of 10×12 gambrel shed plans is typically made based on its classic, elegant style and the ability of the design to offer plenty of storage space. What many people do not realize is the iconic gambrel roof has been in use throughout the world for centuries. Read on for more tidbits about the gambrel roof; it’s sure to come in handy at trivia night!

Gambrel Roof History

A gambrel roof is a symmetrical shape with two slightly-pitched top slopes and two steeply-pitched side slopes. This style of roof is commonly found in 19th Century homes in New England and on barns across the Midwestern states.

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There are many interesting theories behind how the term “gambrel” came to be. Some say the name refers to a piece of bent or curved wood. Others claim the term referred to sloped wooden – now metal – bars found in butcher shops. The most commonly accepted theory is the roof was named for its resemblance to the hind leg of a horse, a shape with was historically called the gambrel.

Gambrel Roof Origins

There are nearly as many theories behind the origins of the gambrel roof as there are for its name. The most widely accepted theory for its adoption is voyagers to the Netherlands introduced the design to New England upon their return. This is why the gambrel roof is also interchangeably called the Dutch gambrel roof.

Just like mariners brought the style from the Netherlands to America, it is thought that mariners from across Europe first saw the style when they sailed to Indonesia. An open gable end served the purpose of ventilation to allow smoke from fires used for cooking to escape.

The style also had various practical applications such as opening space to allow for the construction of wider buildings with shorter rafters. Today, a gambrel style also creates a loft in the roof, and that area is coveted as extra storage space.

Go With 10×12 Gambrel Shed

The gambrel style of shed is a classic choice. Do-it-yourself types find the roof is simple to build. This is particularly important to novice builders as constructing the roof is the toughest part of shed construction.

As mentioned earlier, the gambrel aspect of the roof creates quite a bit of additional interior head room. This makes it easy to not only store items in that extra area but to also navigate the space. Nothing is more frustrating than a packed storage area that is difficult to access.

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This architectural style is also very sturdy. The gambrel has a reputation as not being as strong as other roofs, but all one needs to do is look at is prevalence to in areas that experience tough winter weather  – New England, Wisconsin, etc. – to realize it is actually quite tough. Modern construction materials have increased its ability to stand up to heavy snowfalls and strong winds.

Beautiful lines, plenty of room, and strong designs. These are just a few of the advantages to building with 10×12 gambrel shed plans!

How to Build a 8×8 Storage Shed

shed plan 8x8The question of how to build a 8×8 storage shed starts with a good set of plans. Characteristics of good shed plans include a clear materials list and a comprehensive nailing schedule. The choice of materials, however, is often left up to the builder.

For instance, it is common for a set of shed plans to call for any number of 2x4s to frame the floor or serve as wall studs. The type of wood that makes up those boards is often not specified. Here is what you need to know to make the right choice.

Strong Spruce

Spruce, a light colored wood with a straight grain, is the wood of choice for most framing tasks such as rafters, trusses, studs and floor boards. It is ideal for these components because it can take a nail with relative ease and without splitting. It is lightweight yet very strong, so it is a standard material used throughout the construction industry.


Popular Pine

Like spruce, southern yellow pine is as familiar to building professionals as hammers and nails. It is also light in color but slightly darker than spruce. Where spruce is typically white, pine can range from a light straw yellow to a richer honey color.

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Builders like pine because it has very few knots and gives off very little resin. It is also fairly resistant to expansion in humid weather. Pine is most often found in roof boards like trusses and rafters as well as in the floors and some doors.


King Cedar

Cedar is a beautiful wood prized for its natural resistance to moisture, insects and overall decay. This material is a good choice for siding, shingles and door and window trim. It can also be used for wall studs and roof rafters, though this is rare as cedar is more expensive than spruce and pine.


If you have ever opened a cedar chest, you are familiar with the appealing yet pungent odor of cedar. Other characteristics of cedar include a rich red color and beautiful wood grain that weathers quite well. It is a light weight wood that is very stable and therefore suitable for construction. Cedar boards are not prone to warping, and it cuts both cleanly and evenly.


Unfortunately, the cost of the other components of the shed construction process prices many people out of the cedar market. For instance, applying for a building permit can run up to $100 depending on the municipality.


The silver lining to this cost is that the local building inspector is a good source for wood design values and other resources such as where to purchase boards sourced from area tree farms. The inspector will have no trouble provide regulations for an auxiliary structure like a shed.


Regardless of the wood chosen for a shed, it should be of a fine grain and free of open or loose knots in the boards. Keep that rule in mind when considering the best way how to build a 8×8 storage shed, and you will be on your way to success.

Plans for 10×12 Storage Shed

plans for 10x12 storage shedWhat do your plans for 10×12 storage shed involve? Do you need to free up some room in your home? Transfer those holiday decorations and other less used mementos from overflowing closets to a backyard storage area.

Perhaps it’s the garage that’s stuffed to the gills. A storage shed is a great place to house seasonal equipment like lawn mowers and snow blowers. It’s also a good place to keep garden tools and other gadgets organized and in one place.

Traditional Barn and Gambrel Styles

There are a number of storage shed styles to choose from. The barn shed is what comes to mind for most people when they think of a storage shed. This type of building has a rectangular shape with a traditional peaked roof. A swinging door is typically attached to the end of the building, and a window or two might grace the side walls.

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A gambrel shed takes the traditional barn shed style up a notch. These buildings are known for their uniquely shaped roofs that have a high peak and then slope down at an angle before bowing out again to settle down along the shed walls. This design, which is said to be rooted in the Dutch tradition, provides a loft area in the roof. Most homeowners appreciate this for the extra storage space it provides.

Modern Designs

As sheds have grown in popularity in recent years, a number of new shed designs have cropped up in backyards across the country. There are a number of modern shed plans that resemble design studios. These are particularly popular among architects and other artistic professionals.

Modern designs also make for a great twist on the traditional storage shed. In fact, a number of homeowners who are initially not sold on the idea of a shed are won over by these fantastic designs. Individuals who dwell in homes that are more modern than traditional in style also appreciate having the opportunity to match their backyard storage areas to the design of their homes.

Something for Everyone        

Some shed manufacturers have also been known to custom design plans to match the look of a home. A way to get this look for less is to use the same finish materials – shingles, siding, etc. – that are found on the home on the shed too. Use of the same color palette is also an affordable way to match a shed to a home. This trick is popular among do-it-yourselfers who want things to complement each other but not necessarily match completely.

Other fun ways to add a splash of personality to a storage shed include incorporating flowers in window boxes. A little landscaping along the edges of a shed can go a long way to making it look like an addition, rather than an afterthought, to the backyard.

There is really no end to all the ways you can make a shed your own. We hope these ideas come in handy as you consider your own plans for 10×12 storage shed.