Storage Shed Plans 10×12

12x10_storage_shed_planThe number one reason homeowners turn to storage shed plans 10×12 is to free up space in their homes and garages. Outdoor sheds offer convenient, affordable spaces in which store yard tools, seasonal decorations, or any number of hobby supplies. Still, it is easy to use up additional space all too quickly when storage areas are badly organized.


Hangers and Rails for Garden Tools

Hand held tools like trowels and shears are easily stored along a wall or the back of a door. Mount a tool hanger to get the job done. Light weight tools can also be stored along a heavy magnetic strip, similar to those chefs use to hold knives in the kitchen.

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A great addition to any storage shed is a work bench. Gardeners can use the structure as a potting bench to get seedlings started or repot growing plants. Building a lower shelf along the table is a great place to store empty pots and heavy bags of potting soil. This keeps the items within easy reach yet out of walkways.


Hooks for Hoses, Twine & Towels

An exterior shed wall is a great place to keep a coiled garden hose up and out of the way. Simply purchase a large hook, and wrap the hose around it when not in use. Hooks with steep slopes are best for holding a garden hose in place.


Smaller hooks are also great for keeping useful items like twine and paper towels out of the way yet easy to access. A toilet paper holder is also good for holder smaller items like twine and string. Of course, a paper towel holder will work for either item as well.


Consider mounting a hook nearby to hold a pair of scissors. This will further guarantee you can cut a piece of string when needed. Hanging a ruler on the same hook may also come in handy whenever a specific length of the material is needed.


Shelves & Bins for Odds & Ends

When investing in shelving units and storage bins, go for open wire or translucent plastic. These materials allow light to pass through, hence creating the illusion of space. In a small shed, where maximizing all available area is of the utmost priority, using light-friendly materials can keep the shed from taking on a dark or claustrophobic feel.


Another great organizational addition to a shed is a magnetic, dry erase board. Small containers are easily affixed to the board and are useful for holding items like garden seeds, tacks or small nails. Keeping a marker nearby allows one to write down shopping lists for the next trip to the home improvement store or to keep track of a to-do list.


Lastly, consider hanging and extra basket along an exterior wall to serve as a holding area for frequently used items. This makes for quick work of grabbing just what you need. With these helpful organization tips, you will be on your way to enjoying your storage shed plans 10×12 in no time flat.


10×12 Shed Plans Gable Roof

garden_shed_10x12The use of  10×12 shed plans gable roof styles is one of the most popular designs around today. A signature gable roof will slope anywhere from 25 to 45 degrees, adding a classic look to a landscape.

Read on for step-by-step instructions on how to create the perfect gable roof.

Getting Started

Step 1: Secure top plates made of two boards wide enough to cover the tops of the walls to the uppermost portion of the outer walls.

Step 2: Measure and cut 2×4 boards to create ceiling joists. Attach the joists to a set of rafters across the width of the structure, from one long wall to the other. Joists help support the structure by transferring the outward pressure the rafters place on the walls.

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Keeping it Going

Step 3: The next step also starts out with the need to do some measuring and cutting, this time with a 2×6 board. This will serve as the peak of the roof, so it will run parallel to the length of the shed. A board of this type is what is known as the “ridge board.”

Step 4: Again using 2x4s, measure and cut the rafters that will be attached to the ridge board and down to the plates secured to the walls during step one. The length of the rafters is dictated by the desired slope of the roof. They are then secured along the ridge board and the walls in 16- to 24-inch intervals.

Finishing Up

Step 5: Construct a collar tie to lend support along the edges of the rafters. Ties are best positioned along the interior peak of the roof. Before moving on, double-check that the tops of the walls fit into the notches along the rafters of the roof. An extra set of eyes in the form of a helper and the use of temporary braces is recommended.

Step 6: Now it is time to cover the roof. Start by nailing planks of plywood or OSB to the rafters. The planks should run parallel along the ridge board.  Enclose the ends of the gable roof with mitered planks.

After the planks are secured, nail a layer of tar paper to their tops. It is okay for the tar paper to overlap. Two sheets of tar paper are recommended along the peaked ridge board. Now it is time to add shingles.

Just as it is best practice to start at the bottom edge of the rood and work toward the ridge board when laying tar paper, the same technique applies to Asphalt Shingles. When the first row is complete, start on the next row by placing the first shingle at the center line of the shingle just below it. This creates the offset look appropriate to asphalt shingle roofs.

Though the roof is often the trickiest part of shed construction, it is well within reach of novice builders. Taking your time and following these instructions will ensure your 10×12 shed plans gable roof turns out as beautifully as expected.

Options for 12×16 Cottage Shed Plans

gabrel shed 12x16There are a variety of ways to use 12×16 cottage shed plans to add space to a property.

Whether you need to free up storage space from a crowded garage or are looking for a dedicated work area, a cottage shed can meet those needs. These multi-functional buildings are also great for putting up guests or serving as a quiet hideaway.

Traditional Shed Uses

Cottage sheds provide a quaint, cozy look to what might be an otherwise dull and boring storage shed. Most homeowners can use a bit of extra space now and again, and cottage sheds are cost-effective, attractive solutions. The extra storage they provide are especially useful for seasonal items such as lawn tools (snow shovels and snow blowers) and decorations (artificial Christmas trees, Halloween decorations, etc.)

Green thumbs can turn a cottage-style garden shed into a make-shift green house. Enclose a wall with glass panels or add skylights to allow the sunlight to filter through to plants. The light and warmth trapped within the enclosed walls will keep the plants growing strong all year.

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If work space for a garden hobby is the goal of the shed, add a work bench to make repotting plants and starting seedlings easier. Storage areas under the bench can be used to hold extra pots and large bags of potting soil. Keep in mind work benches do not have to be placed along a wall; a center island is often a good use of space in these cases.

Modern Shed Uses

Hobbyists aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of sheds as workspaces. In today’s business world were telecommuting has become something of the norm, it is not uncommon for professionals to add a home office to their living spaces. Take the office outside into a shed for a bit more peace and quiet. Most people are amazed at all they can accomplish once they have a dedicated work space away from the distractions – laundry machines buzzing, dishwashers running, and kids yelling and screaming – typically found in a home.

Because cottage sheds are named for their resemblance to full-scale cottages, many people have turned to these small buildings for putting up guests who come for an extended stay. While images of a dark and dusty wood building may come to mind when first considering a shed, cottage sheds are very well-suited to many of the amenities found a typical guest house.

Hire an electrician and plumber to add lights and plumbing to the cozy room. Finish the walls with drywall or wood panels or a combination of both like the look of bead board. From there, add creature comforts like a bed with plenty of pillows and a cushiony chair or two. You may just find yourself stealing away to this quiet hideaway when they guests have gone!

At the end of the day, sheds provide convenient, affordable solutions to the space problems many  homeowners eventually face. There is really no limit to the creative ways to use 12×16 cottage shed plans!

How to Read 10×12 Garden Shed Plans

gable_roof_shed_10x10Anyone who is new to construction may have difficulty reading a set of 10×12 garden shed plans. Given manufacturers know backyard sheds are popular among the do-it-yourself subset – as opposed to professional contractors – quality shed plans are made with ease of use in mind. An understanding of how to read the plans is the first step to construction; read on to learn how to get started making sense of those strange signs and symbols.


Solid Lines: These marks represent the outline of an object. Look for solid lines along the edges where floors and walls come together.


Dotted (or Broken) Lines: This type of line indicates and object within the plans is hidden from view. A primary example of where to expect to see dotted lines is in the outline of the shed slab or foundation.


The letter “C”: This letter represents the center line and is used to position doors and windows.


Signs and symbols are most often explained with a key or somewhere within the plans themselves. It is not uncommon to find standard symbols that represent structures required for plumbing and electricity. For instance, a shed that will be wired for electricity will require switches, outlets and utility panels. These items are outlined with unique symbols on the shed blueprints.

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Add Electricity with Solar Panels


Solar panels provide an alternative way to power a shed. Adding electric light to a shed is particularly helpful for gardeners who wish to use high-powered lights to grow plants year round. Most solar panels provide enough energy to power lights, fans and tools like electric drills and saws.


Though they have become more main stream in recent years, the downside is solar panels remain rather expensive to purchase and install. Most individuals with basic knowledge can do the work themselves, though involving a licensed electrician is never a bad idea. If you choose to go it alone, here are the steps to take.


Step 1: Mount the solar panel on the roof of the shed. Most solar panels are sold along with a frame for installation. Bolts may or may not be included.


Step 2: Wire the solar panel to a junction box. The junction box can be installed on the shed itself, or the wiring can tap into the main junction box on a home.


Step 3: Hook the solar panel to the junction box through the wiring.


Step 4: Connect the battery and the inverter. During the day, the solar panel will capture light and store the energy in the converter. In order to utilize this stored energy during the evening hours or whenever natural light is low, it must first be converted for use by the traditional grid. This is done by storing the energy in a battery.


Of course, solar panels are not a viable option for a shed in a fully shaded location and in some areas that see little sun. However, they are solution growing in popularity among some who choose 10×12 garden shed plans.


Barn Shed Plans 12×16

shed plans 12x16When it comes to selecting the right set of barn shed plans 12×16, there are a number of quality designs available in today’s marketplace. Barn sheds typically take one of four forms, all of which take their names from the structure of their roofs.


Gabel: By far the most popular of the barn shed designs, the gable is also rather simple. It has a standard pitched roof set atop a box-like structure. Gable sheds are available in a wide range of sizes, a feature which also makes them attractive to potential builders.


Gambrel: The hallmark of the design of the gambrel shed is the very uniquely shaped roof. Steeply sloped from the center pitch, the roof then falls down along the top quarter of the building at a softer angle. The area created by the additional angle creates a loft which is oftentimes used as additional storage space.


Lean-To: This is the most inexpensive barn shed to construct as it requires only two walls. The lean-to relies on a larger structure to serve as its back wall, then the side walls and roof “lean” against that structure. Of course, a lean-to look can be accomplished without the presence of a larger structure simply by building the third wall. Individuals interested in a simple storage space often elect the lean-to design.


SaltBox: Perhaps the quaintest of the barn shed designs, the saltbox has a roof as unique as that found on the gambrel. Saltbox roofs are pitched off-center, with one side more steeply sloped than the front side. The shed layout is longer than it is wide to accommodate for this unique look.


Because they are tricky to construct, saltbox sheds are best left to the seasoned builder. They are often also built to resemble miniature houses. Most homeowners who choose this design go all out and paint the shed in the same color as the main home.

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Safety Considerations for Barn Sheds


Sheds, especially those that resemble miniature houses, can appear as play houses to young children. They make great hiding places in a game of hide and go seek and the perfect shelter for a playing house or school.


To keep kids safe, take care to lock the shed at all times when not in use. A latch and a padlock are simple to install and keep out children who could get hurt when not under adult supervision.


Another way to ensure children are safe when allowed to play in a barn shed it to conduct an annual inspection to assess for wood rot or other structural faults like cracks. This step keeps adults free from harm as well.


Finally, make a commitment to flammable liquids such as paint thinners in a place other than the shed. These liquids are simply too volatile to be made safe, and they pose a poison hazard. If you must keep these items in the shed, do so only in a locked cabinet. Taking these safety precautions ensure the whole family can enjoy the new barn shed plans 12×16.


Building 12×16 Gable Shed Plans

gabrel shed 12x16When building with 12×16 gable shed plans, basic construction skills are helpful. It is not necessary to know how to cut and raise roof trusses, but an understanding of how to join elements together with a hammer and a level is important. If you do not have these skills, hiring a contractor to get the job done right is a good idea.

How to Find a Good Building Contractor

What should you look for in a good contractor? There are a number of qualifications a builder worth his (or her) salt will possess. First, the contractor should be able to provide a list of completed projects. The contractor should also be able to tell you how many projects similar in size and scope to your shed that he has completed.  The contractor should also make clear how long he has been in business, though a contractor new to the scene is not necessarily bad and a contractor in business for years might not be the best.

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In addition to reviewing this portfolio of construction projects, trust your gut instinct. Did you feel at ease when talking with the contractor, or did the process leave you feeling unsettled? Did the contractor or his representative return your phone calls or emails in a timely fashion? This type of service can shed light on just how seriously a potential contractor takes your business.

Hiring Electrical & Plumbing Professionals

Sheds are not overly complicated buildings to construct. This is one of the characteristics that makes them particularly attractive projects to seasoned do-it-yourself types. However, adding bells and whistles light electricity and plumbing is always best left to a licensed and insured professional.

If you have done any research on building a shed, you have likely encountered numerous pieces of advice about maximizing the natural light available. While this is good advice, it is also recommended that anyone interested in using a shed for a work space consider hiring an electrician to add lights and ceiling fans.

The more obvious applications for plumbing include conveniences for those individuals who will use their shed as a home office or art studio. Bathrooms can come in handy for those who wish to spend a good deal of time, either at work or at play, in their sheds. Sinks also come in handy for garden sheds as they make clean up easier.

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In regards to plumbing, an application that may not come to mind right away is the use of a shed as a small pool house or even a fully-functional, spa-like bath house. However, a number of homeowners have found these small, outdoor buildings lend themselves to just those uses.

Last but certainly not least, remember to secure a building permit before moving forward on construction. A hired contractor will likely included this work in their overall proposal. If not, be prepared to visit the local building inspector to secure this document before beginning work on 12×16 gable shed plans; it’s better to be prepared than sorry!

Building From 10×12 Storage Shed Plans

saltbox_shed_10x12Deciding on the right set of 10×12 storage shed plans is just the first step along the path of making a dream shed a reality. One of the very next things to do is to decide how to go about construction. You can purchase the building materials yourself, opt for a prefab kit, or mix and match a bit of both.

Pre-Assembled & Pre-Cut Kits

This term refers to the construction of the major shed components. When a pre-assembled shed kit is purchased, the buyer can expect to receive the floor, walls and roof trusses delivered in a ready-to-use state. These items will then need to be fit together into a shed.

A pre-assembled kit can held individuals with limited construction skills or knowledge to manage the tougher steps like roughing in doorways and windows. Because pre-assembled sheds are partially constructed, they are much heavier than typical loads of loose lumber. It is important to list two or three adult helpers to put these parts in place.

Experienced do-it-yourselfers who enjoy the building experience but find themselves short on time would do well to consider the pre-cut shed variety. These kits include all of the various shed pieces and components measured and cut to size, but they are not assembled in any way, shape or form. Pre-cut shed kits take about twice as much time to complete as a pre-assembled shed, but since their cost does not include pre-assembly labor, they are less expensive.


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Characteristics of Good Plans

For individuals who find themselves somewhere in the middle, purchasing only some pre-assembled components is an option. For instance, a number of online retailers offer the convenience of pre-assembled essentials like door and windows as well as extras like flower boxes and window shutters. Regardless of the chosen avenue a good set of shed storage plans will include:

  • Easy-to-read, detailed instructions
  • Essential hardware like nails, screws, hinges, fasteners and door handles

Some packages may even include a video tutorial. If not, there a plenty of quality, free resources on social sharing sites like You Tube.

Other Considerations

Obviously, the exterior of a shed is just one consideration in the planning process. It is equally important to consider the interior when choosing the right set of plans to meet your needs. For instance, a gardener who wants to use a shed as a place to keep garden tools as well as a workspace to repot plants and start seedlings will want to incorporate plenty of natural light through windows and skylights.

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On the other hand, a weekend yard warrior who wants to use the shed to store tools and heavy equipment like a lawnmower will not be as concerned about including windows in the final design. However, choosing plans that incorporate wide entryways – or even a roll-up garage style door – is a must. It might also be wise to build a ramp to move equipment in and out with more ease. Giving a bit of thought to the intended use of the shed will ensure you select the right 10×12 storage shed plans to meet your needs.

Building Plans for a 10×10 Shed

gable_roof_shed_10x10After the fun of selecting plans for a 10×10 shed comes the work of bringing them together as the storage area or work space you envisioned. Finding the right building contractor can be a daunting task when you don’t know where to look or what questions to ask. That is why we put together this informative article to help you select the best person for the job at hand.

Find a Contractor

For quality referral sources for professional contractors, turn to family, friends or even your local hardware store. Trustworthy family and friends can vouch for the work of a contractor, and you have the added bonus of actually seeing the contractor’s work.  If no one in your immediate circle has had to hire a contractor, area hardware stores sometime serve as good sources of referrals as well.

If neither of those ideas pan out, there are always a wealth of print and online classified ads that advertise building services. Just be sure to check references and verify the contractor is licensed and insured.  It is always better to do a little research in advance; it will pay off if anything goes wrong.

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When budgets are tight, consider hiring a contractor to complete only the more difficult portions of the project. Even seasoned builders find having help pouring a foundation or raising a roof is well worth the investment. Smaller details like painting can be left for the in-house crew.

What to Ask

A contractor should give you his or her full attention. It is important the contractor listen to understand expectations before construction begins. Generally, people will get a sense of how comfortable they feel with a contractor from the outset.

A contractor who takes a long time to return a phone call or who hesitates to provide a quote is probably not the best for the job.

Some other questions to ask when vetting contractors include:

  • How long has the contractor worked in the field?
  • How many projects similar to yours has the contractor completed?
  • Can you provide a list of references?

Reference should include a list of completed projects. When checking up on a contractor, do not hesitate to ask the person you speak with if he or she would hire the individual again. Other beneficial things to know are if the contractor adhered to the construction schedule and terms of the contract.

Naturally, things happen to delay projects from time to time. A needed material could be in short supply at the hardware store, or weather could delay completion. Ask the contractor’s references if any unexpected situations like these occurred, and if so, find out how they were handled.


This is just a sample of things to consider before hiring a contractor to build your backyard shed. Though it may seem awkward to interview contractors, it is an important step to take to ensure your project goes right. After all, you spent time and money selecting the right plans for a 10×10 shed; it is only natural to do the same with contractors.

Beautify a Garden Shed 8×8

shed plan 8x8A garden shed 8×8 can do more than serve as storage space for pots and tools. An attractive shed can serve as a focal point and do wonders as a visual anchor in large or small yards. It can also serve as a relaxing work space or even a place to entertain during backyard gatherings.

Combine Elements of the Landscape

Incorporate a shed into its landscape by using elements found elsewhere in the yard. For instance, build a roof with a steep pitch to match angular flower or vegetable beds. Set out Adirondack chairs to match the tall wood slats of a picket fence.

To draw the eye to the shed, lay a path of flagstones or brick pavers up to its door or along its side. Depending on the intended purpose, multiple paths may weave throughout the garden beds and up to the shed. Add a row of small shrubs like boxwoods or set out topiary planters like sentinels to define the garden entryway.

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Enhance Visual Appeal

To disguise a foundation made of simple concrete blocks, stack stones along its border. This provides the illusion of permanence with the added bonus of visual appeal. A number of other simple, architectural elements can be added to enhance a shed as well. Some more common ideas incorporate the use of:

  • Scalloped fascia and decorative trim
  • Clapboard or barn siding
  • Cedar-shake siding and shingles
  • Window boxes, hanging planters and wood trellises
  • Windows with sheer or lace curtains
  • Weather vanes or oversized hinges

Make Impactful Improvements

Adding a porch to a shed can drastically improve the appearance of a shed. Small porches benefit from the addition of columns or rails to frame an entrance or cordon off an area. Lattice along the bottom edge of elevated porches looks nice as well. Add a bench, rocking chairs or porch swing to create an inviting look.

The truly green gardener may want to consider a living roof. That is right; succulents such as sedum are happy to make themselves at home on a shed roof. In addition to brightening the landscape, these plants serve as a layer of insulation to trap in warmth in the winter and keep it cool in the summer.

If money is no object or if building experience abounds, adding a level to a shed makes a dramatic statement. A dormer window added to a second story provides the added benefit of even more light. Seedlings will thrive with the extra warmth and light this provides.

With every garden shed, there is an element of functionality involved as well. Invest in storage rails and shelves to keep tools and stray pots off the ground. Moving items to the walls frees up space for a central potting bench.

These tips are designed to make a shed as visually appealing to the onlooker as functional to a gardener. Enhancements such as these have been known to transform a quiet shed into a favorite gathering spot. Gardeners and non-gardeners alike love to steal away to a new gorgeous garden shed 8×8 from time to time.


10×10 Shed Plans Blueprints

10x10 shedIf you are considering 10×10 shed plans blueprints, but have concerns over the cost to build a shed, then this article is for you.

The fact of the matter is it is not necessary to have a large budget in order to build a shed.

Bring the old adage “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” to life by building with salvaged materials.

Look for Salvaged Doors & Windows

One of the easiest ways to save on building costs is to purchase used or salvaged items. The natural place to start the search is at thrift store or garage sales. Shutters, shelves and decorative items can be sourced from these places with relative ease.

For larger ticket items like doors and windows, do a little research to find out if any old buildings in your neighborhood are slated for demolition. If they are, see if you can’t work out a deal to purchase some of the old materials like the doors. Most contractors are receptive to these offers.

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Personalize with Landscaping & Garden Paths

After the shed is built, landscaping can lend a cohesive look. Flowering bushes like azaleas and hydrangeas go a long way towards adding visual appeal through color.

They can also hide any imperfections or tie together any inconsistencies from using salvaged building materials. For added camouflage, train ivy to grow up the sides of the shed or plant a climbing rose to arch over the entry way.

Bricked or paved pathways leading to a shed can also lend a nice touch and serve to move the eye toward a landscaped garden. The best thing about a whimsical garden path is that the materials used to pave it do not have to match.

Take some time to salvage all of the materials necessary, and then match the patterns after you see what you have available. For added pizazz, create a mosaic with broken bits or tile, marbles or other keepsakes. This is a great way to fill in awkward spaces along the path as well.

Small Spaces, Big Appeal

Do not let small lot sizes scare you off from building a shed. These structures can be built on just hundreds of square feet. In fact, a shed on small properties can actually be used as a focal point to anchor a yard or to create a focal point for an outdoor room.

Adding lots of windows and glass-paned doors to allow for natural light and help create the illusion of space in small sheds. To further the illusion, decorate the inside with tall vertical lines like bookcases. Or simply paint the interior with vertical stripes.

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When using salvaged materials, creativity is a key to success. Still, many homeowners who consider themselves bereft of ideas are surprised with just how freely their inventiveness flows when left to work with only what is available.

Constructing a structure from 10x10 shed plans blueprints and salvaged materials may just prove necessity is the mother of invention after all!