Building 12×16 Gable Shed Plans

gabrel shed 12x16When building with 12×16 gable shed plans, basic construction skills are helpful. It is not necessary to know how to cut and raise roof trusses, but an understanding of how to join elements together with a hammer and a level is important. If you do not have these skills, hiring a contractor to get the job done right is a good idea.

How to Find a Good Building Contractor

What should you look for in a good contractor? There are a number of qualifications a builder worth his (or her) salt will possess. First, the contractor should be able to provide a list of completed projects. The contractor should also be able to tell you how many projects similar in size and scope to your shed that he has completed.  The contractor should also make clear how long he has been in business, though a contractor new to the scene is not necessarily bad and a contractor in business for years might not be the best.

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In addition to reviewing this portfolio of construction projects, trust your gut instinct. Did you feel at ease when talking with the contractor, or did the process leave you feeling unsettled? Did the contractor or his representative return your phone calls or emails in a timely fashion? This type of service can shed light on just how seriously a potential contractor takes your business.

Hiring Electrical & Plumbing Professionals

Sheds are not overly complicated buildings to construct. This is one of the characteristics that makes them particularly attractive projects to seasoned do-it-yourself types. However, adding bells and whistles light electricity and plumbing is always best left to a licensed and insured professional.

If you have done any research on building a shed, you have likely encountered numerous pieces of advice about maximizing the natural light available. While this is good advice, it is also recommended that anyone interested in using a shed for a work space consider hiring an electrician to add lights and ceiling fans.

The more obvious applications for plumbing include conveniences for those individuals who will use their shed as a home office or art studio. Bathrooms can come in handy for those who wish to spend a good deal of time, either at work or at play, in their sheds. Sinks also come in handy for garden sheds as they make clean up easier.

12×16 Shed Plans Click Here

In regards to plumbing, an application that may not come to mind right away is the use of a shed as a small pool house or even a fully-functional, spa-like bath house. However, a number of homeowners have found these small, outdoor buildings lend themselves to just those uses.

Last but certainly not least, remember to secure a building permit before moving forward on construction. A hired contractor will likely included this work in their overall proposal. If not, be prepared to visit the local building inspector to secure this document before beginning work on 12×16 gable shed plans; it’s better to be prepared than sorry!