Building Plans for a 10×10 Shed

gable_roof_shed_10x10After the fun of selecting plans for a 10×10 shed comes the work of bringing them together as the storage area or work space you envisioned. Finding the right building contractor can be a daunting task when you don’t know where to look or what questions to ask. That is why we put together this informative article to help you select the best person for the job at hand.

Find a Contractor

For quality referral sources for professional contractors, turn to family, friends or even your local hardware store. Trustworthy family and friends can vouch for the work of a contractor, and you have the added bonus of actually seeing the contractor’s work.  If no one in your immediate circle has had to hire a contractor, area hardware stores sometime serve as good sources of referrals as well.

If neither of those ideas pan out, there are always a wealth of print and online classified ads that advertise building services. Just be sure to check references and verify the contractor is licensed and insured.  It is always better to do a little research in advance; it will pay off if anything goes wrong.

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When budgets are tight, consider hiring a contractor to complete only the more difficult portions of the project. Even seasoned builders find having help pouring a foundation or raising a roof is well worth the investment. Smaller details like painting can be left for the in-house crew.

What to Ask

A contractor should give you his or her full attention. It is important the contractor listen to understand expectations before construction begins. Generally, people will get a sense of how comfortable they feel with a contractor from the outset.

A contractor who takes a long time to return a phone call or who hesitates to provide a quote is probably not the best for the job.

Some other questions to ask when vetting contractors include:

  • How long has the contractor worked in the field?
  • How many projects similar to yours has the contractor completed?
  • Can you provide a list of references?

Reference should include a list of completed projects. When checking up on a contractor, do not hesitate to ask the person you speak with if he or she would hire the individual again. Other beneficial things to know are if the contractor adhered to the construction schedule and terms of the contract.

Naturally, things happen to delay projects from time to time. A needed material could be in short supply at the hardware store, or weather could delay completion. Ask the contractor’s references if any unexpected situations like these occurred, and if so, find out how they were handled.


This is just a sample of things to consider before hiring a contractor to build your backyard shed. Though it may seem awkward to interview contractors, it is an important step to take to ensure your project goes right. After all, you spent time and money selecting the right plans for a 10×10 shed; it is only natural to do the same with contractors.