Construct a 10×10 Storage Shed by Following 10 Simple Steps

10x10_storage_shed_plansHaving a good 10×10 storage shed can give your property an organized and neater appearance. This is because the shed gives you a place to store tools, lawn chairs, bicycles and other stuffs that are usually scattered all over the yard. This shed also add value to your property while keeping these items protected from intruders and different environmental elements. Constructing this shed is not is not a difficult task and it can be done by following the following steps.

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1. Take measurements of the shed to ensure that it has 9 feet x9 inches. The 2x4s width will give the 10 feet overall measurement. Place stakes in all corners of the shed and then take measurements of the diagonals to ensure that they are equal to so that your structure can be of a square shape.

2. Dig holes at all the stakes using a power auger or a post-hole digger. You can rent this from a home improvement or rental store. Make your holes 28 inches deep with a diameter of 8 to 10 inches.

3. In each hole, put gravel up to 4 inches and then place 4×4 inches posts that have been treated using pressure-treatment method in the holes. Ensure that your posts are plumb using a level. Nail your 2x 4s to the post and the drive them into the ground to brace the post in position.

4. Pour a well-mixed concrete around your posts ensuring that your posts are plumb and that the edges on the outer side are 9 inches, 9 feet apart. Also maintain equal diagonal distances. Pour concrete until when it is slightly above the ground. Using the back side of the shovel, smooth the poured concrete to ensure that it is sloping away from the erected posts and leave it for 48 hours.

5. Create frames for the shed by nailing 2x4s or 10 foot to the outer side of the erected posts. Use pressure treated 2x4s at the ground and ensure that all of them are level. Measure 6 feet from each post and then add untreated post 2×4 around the shed up to the top. While creating the frames, decide the front side of the shed and where you will create the door as well as its size. If you want the shed to have a window, determine its location too while creating the frame.

6. Nail 2x4s to make a door into a rectangular frame. The door should be less than the height and width of the opening by a half. This will leave space for clearance and hinges leaving room for the door to close and open. Use hinges and a drill to fix the door with a helper holding it in place.

7. Create the roof frame of the shed using 2x4s. Make sure that the roof is constructed in a way that lest water run smoothly over the roof.

8. Attach plastic or corrugated roofing to the frames.

9. Use corrugated metal or T111 plywood to put siding on the shed. Use a circular saw to cut pieces so that they fit properly.

10. Caulk around the shed’s perimeter to keep water out and if your shed will have windows screw them properly into place.

Click Here for 10×10 Shed Plan Ideas

By following these simple steps, you will come up with a nice-looking 10×10 storage shed where you can keep your items instead of scattering them all over the yard.