Dog House Plans

dog house plans diyAre you looking for dog house plans to find the perfect hang out for you dog? If you are this is the place to be. On this page we will review different dog house plans so that you can find the one that suit your needs and your dog`s.


What we have done is researched the internet to give you a one stop area for your woodworking plans in this case a plan for your dog house.


When getting your plans online there are a few different types to chose from:


  1. One downloadable plan, the one plan you like.
  2. Watch an online video that will show you how to do it.
  3. A package, e-book, with a number of different plans. This would be a package deal like Easy build dog house plans that offers more than one plan.


Most plans that you order online you can download instantly. There are a few places that offer to send home a CD for you as well.

We have found both free ones and paid plans and we will share both with you.


What Size of Dog House Do You Need?


dog house diyHow big is your dog? Are you building a dog house for more than one dog? Depending on the size of your dog and how many dogs you want to fit in your dog house, you might be looking for one of these sizes:


  • large dog house plans
  • small dog house plans
  • extra large dog house plans
  • double dog house plans
  • two story dog house plans


If you will be keeping your dog outside in cold weather you might consider a dog house that is insulated, you might even want to make it heated.


  • insulated dog house plans
  • heated dog house plans



What Style of Dog House Do You Want?


If you want your dog house to blend in to look nice with your house and the rest of your surroundings you might want to consider what style you want your special friend`s hang out to be built in. Do you want a porch? Do you want the roof to be built a certain way? Do you want a modern look to it or maybe a Snoopy style dog house?


  • flat roof dog house plans
  • dog house plans with porch
  • cool dog house plans
  • modern dog house plans
  • luxury dog house plans
  • snoopy dog house plans



Where to Find The Best Dog House Plans?


Now if you are new to DIY projects you might want to start out with a easy dog house project. There are plans for all kinds of skill levels when it comes to woodworking plans.


Getting your plans online is really convenient and that is what I would recommend  With most plans you get instant download, you can print them out and adjust to your convinced. If you lose them you just print out a new set.


Before I also mentioned that you can get one plan or a bundle package. If you find what you are looking for when it comes to the one plan options I would go with that.


Now if you are  DIY kind of guy or gal that loves home woodworking projects there are bigger e-book packages like Teds Woodworking Plans. If this is for you or not you can read our review and make your own informed decision.


Hope this was helpful and that you find the dog house plans that work for you and your dog.