FAQ – Online Shed Plans

online shed plans 12 x 16Are you interested in getting online shed plans but have a few questions and are not sure it is the way to go? We here try to answer some of those questions, if you wonder about something that we did not bring up feel free to leave your question below in the comment section and we will add it to our list.


Is online shed plans for you? Hopefully you will  have the answer to that after reading this article.


How Do I Get My Shed Plans When I Order Online?

In most cases the shed plans are downloadable which means that after you place your order you will be send a link where you can download the plans.

In some cases you will be send an actual physical product a CD.


Can I Print Them Out More Than Ones If They Are Downloadable?

Yes, you can print them out as many times as you want. Perfect if you lose them or spill coffee on them.


Is It Safe To Order Shed Plans Online?

Yes, it is safe to order your plans online. In most cases you can pay with a payment service like PayPal which means that you don`t have to give out your credit card information.


If I Don`t Like the Product Can I Get a Refund?

This is upto the product owner, but in most cases there is a money back guarantee which allows you to look at the plans if it is not what you are looking for you can ask for a refund. Make sure you check this before you make your purchase though so that you know for sure if the product is not as expected.


If I Need Help Where Do I Get It?

Most the products we recommend have either a email customer service or chat customer service. Feel free to contact them with any questions you might have.


Should I Go With a Specific Plan or Go With a Product that Offer Many Different Wood Working Projects?

Well, if you are a DIY person that loves woodworking projects than you might want to go for a product that includes many different projects. You should know thought that a lot  of these products have ”scraped” the internet and a lot of the plans can be found else where.

The convenience of a product like this is that you have it handy and you don`t have to search the internet every time you have a new project. One thing to think about though is that you might not be able to see the plans before you actually purchase the product. Make sure you read our product reviews so that you can chose the best product for you.

If you are looking for a shed plan and that is it, then go for one of the singular specific shed plans. Then you know exactly what it will look like you have the picture and you are not overwhelmed by a lot of other projects.


Please feel free to leave any other questions you might have, right here in the comment section.