Beautify a Garden Shed 8×8

shed plan 8x8A garden shed 8×8 can do more than serve as storage space for pots and tools. An attractive shed can serve as a focal point and do wonders as a visual anchor in large or small yards. It can also serve as a relaxing work space or even a place to entertain during backyard gatherings.

Combine Elements of the Landscape

Incorporate a shed into its landscape by using elements found elsewhere in the yard. For instance, build a roof with a steep pitch to match angular flower or vegetable beds. Set out Adirondack chairs to match the tall wood slats of a picket fence.

To draw the eye to the shed, lay a path of flagstones or brick pavers up to its door or along its side. Depending on the intended purpose, multiple paths may weave throughout the garden beds and up to the shed. Add a row of small shrubs like boxwoods or set out topiary planters like sentinels to define the garden entryway.

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Enhance Visual Appeal

To disguise a foundation made of simple concrete blocks, stack stones along its border. This provides the illusion of permanence with the added bonus of visual appeal. A number of other simple, architectural elements can be added to enhance a shed as well. Some more common ideas incorporate the use of:

  • Scalloped fascia and decorative trim
  • Clapboard or barn siding
  • Cedar-shake siding and shingles
  • Window boxes, hanging planters and wood trellises
  • Windows with sheer or lace curtains
  • Weather vanes or oversized hinges

Make Impactful Improvements

Adding a porch to a shed can drastically improve the appearance of a shed. Small porches benefit from the addition of columns or rails to frame an entrance or cordon off an area. Lattice along the bottom edge of elevated porches looks nice as well. Add a bench, rocking chairs or porch swing to create an inviting look.

The truly green gardener may want to consider a living roof. That is right; succulents such as sedum are happy to make themselves at home on a shed roof. In addition to brightening the landscape, these plants serve as a layer of insulation to trap in warmth in the winter and keep it cool in the summer.

If money is no object or if building experience abounds, adding a level to a shed makes a dramatic statement. A dormer window added to a second story provides the added benefit of even more light. Seedlings will thrive with the extra warmth and light this provides.

With every garden shed, there is an element of functionality involved as well. Invest in storage rails and shelves to keep tools and stray pots off the ground. Moving items to the walls frees up space for a central potting bench.

These tips are designed to make a shed as visually appealing to the onlooker as functional to a gardener. Enhancements such as these have been known to transform a quiet shed into a favorite gathering spot. Gardeners and non-gardeners alike love to steal away to a new gorgeous garden shed 8×8 from time to time.