How to Build a 8×8 Shed

shed plan 8x8There are a few ways to answer the question of how to build a 8×8 shed. You can build the shed yourself or hire someone to build it for you.

There is also the choice of building from the ground up or working from a kit.

Foundations & Floors

To get started, you will first need to lay a foundation. A smaller shed like the 8 x8 can sit firmly on a foundation made of pressure-treated lumber or solid concrete blocks. This is what is known as an “on-grade” foundation.

Note the importance of using pressure-treated lumber as these types of timbers are specifically crafted to guard against wood rot. Likewise, do not use concrete blocks with a hollow core. Only solid blocks are strong enough to support the building over time.

The floor can be built only once the foundation is set. Again, use pressure-treated lumber for the frame, joists and mudsill. Exterior-grade plywood of ¾ inch thickness is recommended for the floor boards.

To hold the floor boards in place, used galvanized decking screws two inches in length. Just as pressure-treated boards protect against rot, galvanized nails will not rust when they come in contact with water. For added strength, tongue-and-groove plywood is an alternative option.

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Roofs, Doors & Windows

One of the more difficult aspects of building a shed is erecting the roof. Novice builders may find it easier to build the roof trusses on the ground and position them after the walls are raised. The more experience builder will frame the roof by building the rafters into trusses from the tops of the walls themselves.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to roofs is to space the trusses 16 inches apart. Start from the center of the building, and place the first truss directly above a wall stud. Work outwards from there until all trusses are in place, spaced evenly along the wall studs.

Because an 8×8 building is one of the smaller shed designs available, a single set of swinging doors will provide the most proportional look. Swinging doors provide the space necessary to easily move equipment, like lawnmowers, in and out of the shed. If the shed is to be used as an office or other work space, a standard residential door may be more appropriate.

In the case of work spaces, maximizing natural light will be key. However, there is a tradeoff between windows and wall space. If you desire to mount selves or hang artwork to enhance the interior, you will want to plan accordingly.

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Most sheds look best with two windows at the front and one window in the back, leaving two walls without windows. Southern and eastern facing windows will let in the most sunlight. And don’t rule out skylights if more natural light is desired.

If this process sounds daunting, remember, it is not necessary to do everything on your own. Hire a contractor to handle the harder parts like roofing. This is often a great approach when it comes to deciding how to build a 8×8 shed.