Find Online Shed Plans 12×16

online shed plans 12 x 16So, you have decided to end your space and storage problems by building a shed, and now you need to find online shed plans 12×16.

Sound familiar?

While selecting a set of shed plans is often one of the most enjoyable first steps in the pre-construction process, there are a few other things to consider before breaking ground.


Location is Everything

The first rule of real estate is “location is everything.” Even when it is on your own property, choosing the right spot in which to locate a new shed is no exception. The first thought many homeowners have is to tuck their shed away in a corner of their lot. While this out-of-the-way locale may seem logical, it is wise to fully consider all of the available options first.


For instance, what is the purpose of the shed? If you are building a shed to serve as a home office or quiet work space, then constructing the structure far away from the main home is likely ideal. This is, of course, assuming the shed is fitted with creature comforts like plumbing. No one wants to trek to the house every hour just to go to the bathroom.


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Building a shed close to the garage is a worthy consideration when it comes to storage sheds.  When these two buildings are built a fair distance apart, convenience often tricks us into leaving the tools in the last place they were used instead of where they actually belong. Likewise, it is difficult to lug heavy equipment back and forth across significant distances.


Regardless of how far away from the main house or garage you decide to build the shed, it must remain at least 10 to 15 feet from the property line. The exact specifications are available from a building inspector, but those distances provide a general rule of thumb.


Speaking of Building Inspectors…


Before building a shed, do yourself a favor and contact your local building inspector. It is more than likely you will need to apply for a building permit in order to legally construct a new building – regardless of its size – on your property.


By going through this process at the outset, you will ensure the site you select for your shed is compliant with the law. Though this may seem like a bit of a tedious process, keep in mind these regulations are written to protect you and your property values.


Online Shed Plans 12×16 – Keep it High & Dry


Last but not least, an important consideration where location is concerned is the lay of land. Take care to build the shed in a fairly dry area. Water that pools on the ground is certain to find a way into the shed, and this can lead to bad things like mold and wood rot.


In the same vein, make sure the shed will receive some exposure to sunlight. This will help ensure any moisture that does get into the shed is dried by the sun.  Once you have these things checked off your list, the search for online shed plans 12×16 is sure to be a good one!