Options for 12×16 Cottage Shed Plans

gabrel shed 12x16There are a variety of ways to use 12×16 cottage shed plans to add space to a property.

Whether you need to free up storage space from a crowded garage or are looking for a dedicated work area, a cottage shed can meet those needs. These multi-functional buildings are also great for putting up guests or serving as a quiet hideaway.

Traditional Shed Uses

Cottage sheds provide a quaint, cozy look to what might be an otherwise dull and boring storage shed. Most homeowners can use a bit of extra space now and again, and cottage sheds are cost-effective, attractive solutions. The extra storage they provide are especially useful for seasonal items such as lawn tools (snow shovels and snow blowers) and decorations (artificial Christmas trees, Halloween decorations, etc.)

Green thumbs can turn a cottage-style garden shed into a make-shift green house. Enclose a wall with glass panels or add skylights to allow the sunlight to filter through to plants. The light and warmth trapped within the enclosed walls will keep the plants growing strong all year.

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If work space for a garden hobby is the goal of the shed, add a work bench to make repotting plants and starting seedlings easier. Storage areas under the bench can be used to hold extra pots and large bags of potting soil. Keep in mind work benches do not have to be placed along a wall; a center island is often a good use of space in these cases.

Modern Shed Uses

Hobbyists aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of sheds as workspaces. In today’s business world were telecommuting has become something of the norm, it is not uncommon for professionals to add a home office to their living spaces. Take the office outside into a shed for a bit more peace and quiet. Most people are amazed at all they can accomplish once they have a dedicated work space away from the distractions – laundry machines buzzing, dishwashers running, and kids yelling and screaming – typically found in a home.

Because cottage sheds are named for their resemblance to full-scale cottages, many people have turned to these small buildings for putting up guests who come for an extended stay. While images of a dark and dusty wood building may come to mind when first considering a shed, cottage sheds are very well-suited to many of the amenities found a typical guest house.

Hire an electrician and plumber to add lights and plumbing to the cozy room. Finish the walls with drywall or wood panels or a combination of both like the look of bead board. From there, add creature comforts like a bed with plenty of pillows and a cushiony chair or two. You may just find yourself stealing away to this quiet hideaway when they guests have gone!

At the end of the day, sheds provide convenient, affordable solutions to the space problems many  homeowners eventually face. There is really no limit to the creative ways to use 12×16 cottage shed plans!