Plans for 10×12 Storage Shed

plans for 10x12 storage shedWhat do your plans for 10×12 storage shed involve? Do you need to free up some room in your home? Transfer those holiday decorations and other less used mementos from overflowing closets to a backyard storage area.

Perhaps it’s the garage that’s stuffed to the gills. A storage shed is a great place to house seasonal equipment like lawn mowers and snow blowers. It’s also a good place to keep garden tools and other gadgets organized and in one place.

Traditional Barn and Gambrel Styles

There are a number of storage shed styles to choose from. The barn shed is what comes to mind for most people when they think of a storage shed. This type of building has a rectangular shape with a traditional peaked roof. A swinging door is typically attached to the end of the building, and a window or two might grace the side walls.

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A gambrel shed takes the traditional barn shed style up a notch. These buildings are known for their uniquely shaped roofs that have a high peak and then slope down at an angle before bowing out again to settle down along the shed walls. This design, which is said to be rooted in the Dutch tradition, provides a loft area in the roof. Most homeowners appreciate this for the extra storage space it provides.

Modern Designs

As sheds have grown in popularity in recent years, a number of new shed designs have cropped up in backyards across the country. There are a number of modern shed plans that resemble design studios. These are particularly popular among architects and other artistic professionals.

Modern designs also make for a great twist on the traditional storage shed. In fact, a number of homeowners who are initially not sold on the idea of a shed are won over by these fantastic designs. Individuals who dwell in homes that are more modern than traditional in style also appreciate having the opportunity to match their backyard storage areas to the design of their homes.

Something for Everyone        

Some shed manufacturers have also been known to custom design plans to match the look of a home. A way to get this look for less is to use the same finish materials – shingles, siding, etc. – that are found on the home on the shed too. Use of the same color palette is also an affordable way to match a shed to a home. This trick is popular among do-it-yourselfers who want things to complement each other but not necessarily match completely.

Other fun ways to add a splash of personality to a storage shed include incorporating flowers in window boxes. A little landscaping along the edges of a shed can go a long way to making it look like an addition, rather than an afterthought, to the backyard.

There is really no end to all the ways you can make a shed your own. We hope these ideas come in handy as you consider your own plans for 10×12 storage shed.