Shed Blueprints 8×8

shed plan 8x8Are you ready to build from shed blueprints 8×8?

The number of shed designs available rival the number of ways in which shed owners use their buildings.

Work, rest and play can all find a place in a quaint outdoor shed.

Create a Home Office

A home office set in the backyard is invaluable to many professionals. When deadlines loom and special projects need attention after hours, escaping to a quiet office is the only way to get work done. This is not often possible with others in the house, making noise outside the office door.

Escape to the outdoors for a commute measured in steps as opposed to miles or minutes. A licensed electrician can easily outfit a shed with electricity to allow for the many modern day amenities one would expect at the “real” office. Without the distractions of the house – a dishwasher that needs unloaded, clothes in the dryer that need folded, or children hollering for mom or dad to come to the rescue – work gets done.

While the home office application is obvious for busy professionals, teenagers can also steal away to the shed for a quiet place to get their homework done. Sheds also double as great places for older kids to meet for study sessions. And at that age, they get the privacy they crave when they talk on the phone!

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Steal Away in a Bath House

Older homes tend to be small in size yet built on large lots. These homes can often lack bathroom amenities, so a great way to take away of that backyard space is to add a bath shed. This works especially well for homes that have only single shower stalls or one bathroom shared by multiple people. Why add on a pricey bathroom addition when you can bring the spa home to you?

A garden shed can be outfitted with a full tub, outdoor shower or even a sauna. The key to creating a relaxing atmosphere, as opposed to a damp dungeon, is to allow for plenty of natural light through windows. Obviously, this application works best for areas free of the wandering eyes of neighbors.

Garden in a Green House

With a storage shed that doubles as a green house, those with green thumbs can enjoy their past time all year long. Not to mention, a shed creates a place to keep garden tools in one central place. In addition to providing tool storage, green houses also provide a great area to dry herbs.

In the late winter, start seedlings to plant in the spring. Try hydroponic gardening to enjoy fresh tomatoes any time of year, or help fragile flowers like orchids get through the winter. These are just a few ideas other green thumbs among us have tried with success.


Click Here for 8×8 Shed Plans

Aside from making a shed your own, our only other recommendation is to hang a clock on the wall. You are sure to spend so much time in the shed that you are bound to lose track of it without one! All you need are shed blueprints 8×8 and a little imagination to get started.