Shed Plans 10×10

10x10_storage_shed_plansShed plans 10×10 sizes are attractive to a number of individuals because the moderate box falls near the center of the spectrum when it comes to sheds.

In this article we will show you 10×10 sheds that we have found around the internet, we have done the research for you so you don`t have to.

This is all DIY projects, shed plans so that you can get going with your DIY project as soon as possible. Most of them are downloadable which means you can get going today. The plans are all affordable and easy to work with.

Shed Plans 10×10

Barn Shed Plans II

Website: Storage Shed Plans

Instant Download: Yes

Price: $17


This shed plan comes with roof plans and full size rafter cut templates. It also comes with framing details for the door and windows. You can chose to work with a wood or concrete foundation using these plans.

Click Here and Go To: Barn Roof Plans - Barn Shed Plans II

Gable Roof Plans

Website: Storage Shed Plans

Instant Download: Yes

Price: $17




This 70 page manual comes with roof plans and rafter cut templates. It also include door and window framing details.

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Garden Sheds 10×10


Garden Shed

Website: Storage Shed Plans

Instant Download: Yes

Price: $17


These 10×10 garden shed plans will allow you to build a functional well made shed. The plans come with door and window framing details.

Go To: Gable Roof Plans - Garden Shed Plans

Garden Shed II

Website: Storage Shed Plans

Instant Download: Yes

Price: $17



This is a similar shed to the one previous but with the door and windows located differently on the shed. This 10×10 shed could be exactly what you are looking for.

Go To: Gable Roof Plans - Garden Shed PlansII

Deluxe Cabana Shed

Website: Storage Shed Plans

Instant Download: Yes

Price: $17


These 10×10 shed plans come with wall constructions, roof plans, full size rafter cut templates. It also comes with framing details for door and windows. With a 70 page manual they will cover it all.

Go To: Hip Roof Plans - Deluxe Cabana


10′ x 10′ Gable Storage Shed Project Plans

Website: Amazon

Instant Download: No, come as a CD

Price: $12.95



This Gable shed in the building size 10×10 could be the perfect fit for your backyard. The shed comes with wide double doors for easy access.

These plans are Auto Cad generated and comes with:

  • Material list
  • Detail layout diagrams
  • Step by step instructions
Click Here for this Gable Storage Shed Plan

Any combination of shed plans, from eight to 16 feet long to eight to 20 feet wide, is available at two-foot increments. The choice of just what size is right can come down to any number of factors.

Choose the Right Size

When deciding upon a shed size, first consider its intended use. Then get a piece of paper (graph paper works great here) and pencil to sketch out a floor plan. This is especially helpful for sheds that are used for storage purposes.

You may be amazed by how quickly a lawnmower and a few bicycles take up space once you factor in a bit of space for a walkway. By planning ahead with a floor plan, you can see how a few feet here or there can really make a difference. In addition to tools and the items mentioned, here are a few other things to consider for storage:

  • Wheelbarrow
  • Bags of Potting Soil or Mulch
  • Seasonal Furniture
  • Seasonal Equipment (snow blowers, ATVs)

Consider Entry Points

Now that you have an idea of what you want to store in the shed, it is time to consider how to best remove and return the items. For small wheeled-vehicles or heavy equipment, keep in mind a front door is not the only door option available. Install double doors that open out from each other or a garage door that rolls up. To avoid the hassle of opening the large doors each time you wish to enter the shed, install a standard swinging door at the back to allow for easy access.

Cosmetic Aspects

Whether you like it or not, the eye is naturally drawn to a shed. This is most likely why sheds have somewhat of a reputation for being eyesores. However, with a bit of planning from the outset, a shed can be a wonderful ornament to gaze upon.

Just as sheds have a variety of uses – they can serve as a quiet retreat, productive hobby space or storage area – they can also be constructed and decorated to blend in or stand out. Use the same color scheme as the main house to help the shed blend with the overall property. The more adventurous type may choose a more eye-pooping color and design to make a statement.


Depending on how an individual chooses to finish a shed, these quaint buildings can range in expense. Most homeowners report they spend in the range of $1,200 to $3,400. Decorative details like paint and building materials like roof shingles and siding make up most of the variable expenses.

For the final touches, add a bit of landscaping in the form of bushes or fast-growing vines to help camouflage the shed with nature. Or, make it stand out by planting bright flowers in pots or window boxes.  Inserting a few personal touches can go a long way when it comes to making standard shed plans 10 x 10 one’s own.