Shed Plans 8 x 12

After you decide on shed plans 8 x 12, a number of decisions must be made before and during the building process. For many people, the detail involved in this process can become overwhelming. However, with just a little bit of research, homeowners can uncover a number of solutions that work for their unique needs. Here is a sampling of just a few ideas:


Tips for the Roof

Framing the roof is by far and away the most difficult part of the shed building process. To save both time and energy, prebuilt roof trusses can save countless trips up and down a ladder. Because these products are so popular among consumers, competing manufacturers have gotten the price point down so that they are just a few dollars more than traditional lumber.


For cost savings, metal roofing is often the way to go. Wait a second, isn’t metal roofing twice the price of traditional asphalt shingles. The short answer is yes, but it is wise to consider the long-term benefits.


On a small structure like a shed, it will only cost $100 to $200 more to roof with metal. And metal roofs, on average, last 30 to 50 years! There are time-savings too.


Rather than nailing the plywood across the roof, one need only screw metal panels to a few 2X4 purlins attached across rafters. This process beats pounding in hundreds of nails to hold asphalt shingles any day!


Another option for a roof is to add light via plastic domes. This allows for natural light and at the same time frees up precious wall space typically taken up by windows. It is hard to argue against leave wall space for shelves and hanging storage!


Skylights installed in homes are rather pricey, but plastic dome skylights are available for about $50 or less. They are also rather easy to install by simply cutting through the roof sheathing and nailing the skylight and roof covering into place. Because the domed look is not always the most attractive, we recommend placing the domes on a side of the roof that is least visible from the home.


Suggestions for Windows and Doors

The most cost effective window on the market is what is known as a barn sash design. These windows consist of a single pane of glass set in a basic wood frame. Dividers the section the window into what looks like four smaller panes are easily added for character.


Like a plastic dome skylight, it is not uncommon to find these windows for under $50. They are easily installed by permanently screwing them in place or hinging them at the top or the sides.


Incorporating sliding doors into a shed design is another worthwhile investment. Unlike doors that swing open, sliding doors are not susceptible to sagging as the years wear on. Many people also find installation of these doors is rather simple. As you can see, there are any number of solutions to give standard shed plans 8 x 12 a unique twist.