Small Dog House Plans

small dog house planWhat size doghouse to build is often a subject of great debate when choosing among sets of small dog house plans. Although we humans seem to appreciate oversized McMansions more so than quaint bungalows, our canine companions take the opposite viewpoint. Dogs do not want a house that is too big or too small but one that fits just right.

To determine what the right size is, a grown dog should be able to stand up in the dog house, turn around, and comfortably stretch out. The space it takes to accomplish this is often much smaller than one might think. Keeping a dog house the right size also helps the pooch stay warm by trapping its body heat. This is especially important for dogs that live outside in colder climates.

Speaking of the elements like cold temperatures, build the dog house to keep water and wind out. Place an overhang along the doorway and seal seams tightly. Humans do not appreciate sleeping in damp, drafty bedrooms, and neither do dogs.

Small Dog House Plans – Tips for Floors

Another building tip is to raise the floor of the dog house up off the ground. Just like one would build a shed upon a foundation, taking the extra step of building the dog house on a concrete slab protects the pet and the building. Dogs stay warm because the floor is not in contact with the ground, and the dog house has a line of defense against dampness that leads to wood rot.

In really cold months, adding a piece of Styrofoam as further insulation is recommended to help keep dogs warm. It is very easy to cut to size and is easily covered with a layer of straw or a manufactured doggie pillow.

Small Dog House Plans Other Building Suggestions

We’ve talked a lot about keeping the dog warm, but what about helping it cool off? A dog house with good air flow is important to prevent the dog from overheating. This is not to suggest cracks that allow air to blow through the house are acceptable.

What we do suggest is building vents in the peak of the roof. An open doorway or one covered with a loose flap (rubber, burlap, etc.) will create the updraft needed for the vents to work. A properly ventilated shed is protected against interior mold and mildew as well.

Small Dog House Plans Customize It

Most plans for dog houses lend themselves to basic customizations. Adding a bit of flair here and there is a great way to improve upon traditional dog house designs. Building an overhang off to one side creates a sort of porch where the dog can find shade.

Human owners can benefit from adding an extra-large door at the back of the house that they can open to clean up inside. This door does not need to be obvious; simply install it to hinge open from the top and open from the bottom. Keeping these suggestions in mind will make it much easier to find the right set of small dog house plans for you family pet.