Storage Shed Plans 10×12

12x10_storage_shed_planThe number one reason homeowners turn to storage shed plans 10×12 is to free up space in their homes and garages. Outdoor sheds offer convenient, affordable spaces in which store yard tools, seasonal decorations, or any number of hobby supplies. Still, it is easy to use up additional space all too quickly when storage areas are badly organized.


Hangers and Rails for Garden Tools

Hand held tools like trowels and shears are easily stored along a wall or the back of a door. Mount a tool hanger to get the job done. Light weight tools can also be stored along a heavy magnetic strip, similar to those chefs use to hold knives in the kitchen.

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A great addition to any storage shed is a work bench. Gardeners can use the structure as a potting bench to get seedlings started or repot growing plants. Building a lower shelf along the table is a great place to store empty pots and heavy bags of potting soil. This keeps the items within easy reach yet out of walkways.


Hooks for Hoses, Twine & Towels

An exterior shed wall is a great place to keep a coiled garden hose up and out of the way. Simply purchase a large hook, and wrap the hose around it when not in use. Hooks with steep slopes are best for holding a garden hose in place.


Smaller hooks are also great for keeping useful items like twine and paper towels out of the way yet easy to access. A toilet paper holder is also good for holder smaller items like twine and string. Of course, a paper towel holder will work for either item as well.


Consider mounting a hook nearby to hold a pair of scissors. This will further guarantee you can cut a piece of string when needed. Hanging a ruler on the same hook may also come in handy whenever a specific length of the material is needed.


Shelves & Bins for Odds & Ends

When investing in shelving units and storage bins, go for open wire or translucent plastic. These materials allow light to pass through, hence creating the illusion of space. In a small shed, where maximizing all available area is of the utmost priority, using light-friendly materials can keep the shed from taking on a dark or claustrophobic feel.


Another great organizational addition to a shed is a magnetic, dry erase board. Small containers are easily affixed to the board and are useful for holding items like garden seeds, tacks or small nails. Keeping a marker nearby allows one to write down shopping lists for the next trip to the home improvement store or to keep track of a to-do list.


Lastly, consider hanging and extra basket along an exterior wall to serve as a holding area for frequently used items. This makes for quick work of grabbing just what you need. With these helpful organization tips, you will be on your way to enjoying your storage shed plans 10×12 in no time flat.